Norma BondStrike Rifle Ammunition 20 Round Box

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Norma BondStrike Rifle Ammunition 20 Round Box


Designed from the ground up for extreme long-range accuracy and terminal performance on game at all distances and velocities. BONDSTRIKE is bonded for weight retention and penetration, with a ballistic coefficient that stands out from the crowd. In magnum calibers, BONDSTRIKE achieves the same weight retention at close range, and much better weight retention at long range, than the most notable bonded bullets on the market today. BONDSTRIKE delivers exceptional accuracy with its aerodynamic design.

  • Match boat tail for high BC giving speed and extreme precision at long range
  • Power bonding technology for high residual weight and penetration
  • Thinner front-jacket for expansion at all ranges
  • Aerodynamic polymer tip for high BC and quick expansion
  • Case: Brass, reloadable
  • Bullet Type: Bonded Polymer Tip
  • Box Quantity: 20 Rounds

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