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Northland Buzzard Buzzer

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Northland Buzzard Buzzer


Proven for pike, bass and muskies. Great for drawing exciting topwater strikes from late spring through early fall. Fish plain or tip with an IMPULSE® Swim'n Grub. Cast over weeds, reeds, rocks, stumps and stickups, and retrieve with a steady pace that keeps the blade turning and the bait on the surface.

  • Calls fish up and triggers 'em to strike
  • Features a tangle-proof "R" bend, premium blood red hook, tantalizing Crazy-Legs "Super- Silicone" Skirt and aluminum blade that clangs, bangs, chatters, sputters and squeals
  • A top-water bait that produces a nerve jarring vibration and sound to drive Bass, Pike & Muskie wild

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