Osprey Aether AG 70 Backpack

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For backpacking thru-hikes and alpine expeditions the Aether AG™ Series has a pedigree like no other pack. We set the bar for technical backpacking packs by combining Anti-Gravity™ technology with customizable fit and innovative features like our new convertible top lid to create a more capable and comfortable pack for long-haul load carrying on any multi-day excursion.When you need a pack that can carry heavy loads for up to a week or more there is no better option than the Aether AG™ 70.

The IsoForm5 harness and CM™ hipbelt provide outstanding fit and comfort for especially heavy loads and long miles. Both components are interchangeable to provide a truly custom fit.

The Aether/Ariel AG™ features a continuous suspended panel of lightweight mesh extending from the upper torso through the lumbar area of the pack and wraps the user in supreme comfort.

Haul your gear to basecamp remove the top-lid and deploy the impressively functional DayLid™ to summit a nearby peak or backcountry picnic.

LightWire™ tensioned full peripheral frame comfortably transfers pack load

Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps shoulders back and hips for a fully integrated backpanel fit

Interchangeable sizes for a precise personalized fit
Adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar for load transfer and comfort
Die-cut foam lower and mesh ExoForm™ wrap upper
Adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle

Custom heat molding and interchangeable sizes for a precise personalized fit
Mesh bridge between pads pulls in the lumbar to support heavy loads

  • Removable top-lid converts to DayLid™ daypack
  • Lower Inside-Out™ compression straps
  • Additional main compartment access
  • Integrated FlapJacket™ cover for lidless use
  • External hydration reservoir sleeve
  • Large front J-zip access to main compartment

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Versatile heavy hauler
I've had this pack for about 3 years, and I've used it for anything from a weeklong trip in the Uinta mountains, car camping, and weekend camping trips with my dogs. It handles everything you throw at it - or in it - and then some. I've even managed to strap my snowboard into the back using the horizontal "straight jacket" straps. The lid pack functions well as a minimalist day pack for short hikes from base camp or for walking around town.
The suspension system just can't be beat. It's comfortable, keeps the sweat off my back, and makes things feel much lighter than they are.
February 13, 2020
Originally posted at
I love this pack
I live in NZ and as such do a lot of deer shooting. Unlike the USA, NZ doesn't have a designated deer shooting season so over here we can and do shoot all year round. With that in mind we are up the rangers ( mountains) in all kinds of weather. I'm a bit disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a designated rain cover for the Aether AG70.?
Apart from that Osprey is hardly known over here. So as a consequence shop assistants know diddly squat about the packs so you're basically on your own in the fitting Dept. Ive used my new pack only the once and was successful in shooting a young red deer spiker. The pack comfortably fitted all the boned out meat (wife won't allow bones or skin at home ha) and after a few changes to the height adjuster thing with the 3 marks on it, (Velcro adjuster behind my back on the harness) managed to get a reasonably carry without my hips hurting. ! I measured my hips to c7 like the fitting page said (53cm) but I was confused as to large or medium. I went with the medium as that was the only green one.
Perhaps Osprey could have some guidelines/sizes marked on the adjuster.!!
Apart from all that I'm really thrilled with my purchase.
It's a pity Osprey wasn't bigger over here in NZ. At the moment over here if it's not a Tatonka pack it's no good. Which is a sad train of thought.!
Just wish Osprey would get more representation over here in NZ and wake up some of the so called expert's in the Hunting/Fishing outlets. I congratulate Osprey on their Aether AG70 back pack. It's the best back pack I've ever owned (I'm 63) and I've worn out a few.!
If you're looking at purchasing an Osprey you can do so with confidence. It will be hard earned money well spent.
January 3, 2020
Originally posted at
Will have this pack forever
Having never spent this kind of money on a pack before, don't have much to compare it to, but after 2 years of regular and diverse use, here are some of my thoughts.

I bought this for gear intensive winter hikes and even more gear intensive backpacking trips with my 7 year old. Initially trips were in the desert south west making good use of the water bladder, then a cross country move with more Smokies and North East have used more water bottles not having to carry so much. The water bottle holders on left and right offer top and front access making easy to get to with this beast on. Also went with the 70 that includes the J zip access that the 60 did not. 45lbs is still 45lbs, but after all day, especially after multiple days there is a noticeable difference with the suspension and airflow compared to other packs I've had. When not fully loaded, the straight jacket straps help with a few options as well as good points to secure gear vertically.

Some features I don't like:

The stow on the go trekking pole holsters haven't been useful to me. Hard to get them in and not comfortable hiking with them like that. The day lid feature gets talked about a lot. I would much rather have the extra space in the day lid or even the integrated rain cover as in the European model. What I think is a better feature that is rarely discussed is the daypack attachment points on the outside. Having bought the Osprey Daylite after realizing this, have used it once and very pleased. The mesh outer pocket becomes restrictive when fully loaded. It does fit flip flops or a light rain jacket but would like it to be a bit roomier.

Took me forever to decide between the orange or the blue. So I went with the green!
December 31, 2019
Originally posted at
This is hands down the best pack I have ever owned!
This is the third or fourth pack I have owned and used, but the first Osprey pack. Backpacking with the Aether AG 70 is like driving a Cadillac compared to a 1970s 1 ton pick up truck I used to pack. I love the comfort this provides while packing a heavy load in the great outdoors. I'll never buy anything other than Osprey packs from now on. Customer for life. The only negative I can find is it does not come with a rain fly.
September 24, 2019
Originally posted at
Military Style Medium/Heavy Pack
If you are seeking a military Alice Pack Style ruck that is comfortable, lightweight but can carry heavy gear this pack is ideal. The shoulder straps are wide and well padded so they do not cut into your shoulders under heavy weight. Access to all compartments is easy and sensible. Wish it came with a rain cover but proper packing negates the need and allows for river fording where the pack can be used to aid in floatation. A rain cover would be helpful for those times where waterproof packing is not expedient.
September 9, 2019
Originally posted at
excellent bag
excellent bag
September 4, 2019
Originally posted at
Great guide pack.
I have an older version of the 70 liter Aether. Bought it when I got a job guiding multi-day luxury hikes in Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks in New Zealand. We carried our own kit, plus an extra pair of shoes, a substantial first aid kit, extra jackets, gloves etc for the guests and often 10kgs of food for the guests. On top of that sometime I would have to carry a guests pack on top of my Aether! This thing was a workhorse and sold me on Osprey packs for heavy loads. I dig Osprey's trekking pole carier, easy to use and oversized water bottle mesh pockets, the large mesh pocket on the back for wet things, and the comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps.

The only thing I've enjoyed about another pack that I sometimes wanted in this pack was to be able to unzip it like a duffel. I had a pack like this and it made getting a piece of gear in the middle of the pack a breeze. Thopugh I can see how a zipper up and down the body of the pack might get damaged from overstuffing or cause otehr problems.

this thing is a champ for when you're either a comfort driven camper like me, or if you have to deal with carrying for more people than yourself, or if you have 4+ nights of backpacking ahead of you.
June 29, 2019
Originally posted at
I used this pack for a Philmont Trek
BSA Philmont hike of 10 trail days/80 miles of challenging terrain; 7000-11500 ft. I'm 6' 1" and 195 lbs, but I felt my pack was uncomfortable when I had more than 60-70 lb. in it and I felt I was out of adjustment range. The +10L top-pack feature allowed Scouts to access some items (on purpose) without me having to remove my pack. I hung my 5 lb. tent under the pack and this seemed to restrict my legs a little, but I thought this was what it was for. I'll look for videos or chat rooms on the best way to load and adjust this pack because I might do the same hike in another 3-4 years.
June 29, 2019
Originally posted at
Like magic
After much research, I came down to purchasing this or the Gregory Baltoro. After trying it on, I didn't want to take it off. It's like magic. It's mind blowing how comfortable and efficient it is when it's loaded. The trip I've taken it out on was for 4 nights, 5 days, and 55 miles, and it was infinitely easier than the previous year without this pack. I can't say enough about it.
October 22, 2018
Originally posted at
Total game changer for backpacking and multiday climbing
I've never spent good money on a backpack until this one. For years I've dealt with sore shoulders, acne on my back (from backpacking), rubbing on my tailbone, and basic features. I can't believe what a difference this backpack made for me and highly recommend it. The pack makes even a 50lb load feel comfortable with the way it hugs your hips and back, and the mesh panel breathes well and my skin is much clearer after trips. The hip pockets are large enough for a ton of small equipment or food, the day pack is functional for alpine climbing, compression straps tighten the load against your back, the hiking pole holders are super convenient, it holds ice axes well, and the dual water bottle holders are reachable and functional.

I can't get over how much I love this backpack. It's really made me enjoy backpacking and heavy loads a lot more.
July 6, 2018
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