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Osprey Nebula Back Pack

Osprey Nebula Back Pack

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If we're being honest, the pack we reach for most often probably isn't accompanying us to a mountain summit-it's escorting us to the office or following us to class. (With a mountain of work waiting for us.) But that doesn't mean it shouldn't have the same dedication to fit, durability, comfort and function. Thoughtful features simplify your daily routine, and a soft, breathable backpanel and harness help make shouldering your daily essentials pleasant. Keep your belongings organized and easily accessible with a front-panel mesh pocket, internal storage and a TSA-approved laptop sleeve. Top and bottom compression straps help reduce volume and stabilize your load, while easy-to-reach side pockets hold your water bottle. Going for a spin or hike to unwind after work? The Nebula will be just as happy on your local trails as you are.

  • TSA friendly laptop pocket
  • Front panel stretch mesh pocket
  • Upper side compression straps with tuckaway garage
  • Lower compression straps
  • Front panel organization pocket with key clip
  • Heat embossed scratch-free slash pocket
  • Dual stretch mesh water bottle pockets
  • Loop for blinky light attachment (light not included)
  • Padded 15" laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve
  • Magazine / document sleeve and internal organization
  • Volume: 34L
  • Weight: 2.43lbs

Customer Reviews

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Rated 4 out of 5
Well made, everyday pack for all the things in- or outdoors
The Nebula is a great choice if you're looking for a large day-to-day backpack that can take care of gear for commuting or hiking. My previous college backpack was around 28L and it was just annoyingly too small to handle all the gear I like to have onboard. My work environment changes daily, so I have a top-roller dry backpack/stuff sack for field work offshore. In the Nebula, I got a slightly more compartmentalized pack for daily use and weekend trips that was big enough to carry everything I'd need.

One review on the Nebula said that it falls short because it doesn't quite know what it is, a reference to the lack of interior organization. That to me is its biggest strength. I have stuff sacks and smaller bags to organize my gear so I can easily transfer these items between packs without having to dig through a bunch of smaller compartments. The main (middle zipper) and front compartment hold all of these easily. The two small lined pockets (exterior and main compartment interior) are perfect for small items that stay with the bag (phone charger, small BT earbuds, compass, etc.) and quick access transient items like sunglasses. The front mesh stretch pocket is great for things like hats or buffs, and the side pocket can handle a decent sized water bottle around 3 inches diameter. Finally, the laptop compartment is massive! In addition to a standard size 17" laptop, you can get a hydration bladder (and yes there is a hose port on the top), notebooks, books, or another tablet.

My only real Con is that the compression straps hinder the zippers, so to fully unzip the compartments, you have to go around the straps or detach them completely.

Just FYI, a daily gear list - 17" laptop and charger; 2L hydration bladder; small BT speaker; electronics bag with large headphones, external HD, cables, etc.; packable rain jacket; small cooler bag; 4 stuff sacks of varying sizes that carry office supplies, first aid kit, hiking stuff, etc.; water bottle, hat, buff,
August 19, 2021
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Rated 1 out of 5
Laptop sleeve is not 17"
I bought this specifically to hold a 17" laptop. It would fit a 15", bu not more than that.
August 13, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
Best all rounder backpack I have ever owned
Commuting and touring motorcyclist, Traveler and day hiker. After years of serious aggressive and varied utility use, this backpack endures and delivers and still looks good. After five years, I've been so impressed with it that if I ever had to consider purchasing another backpack I would certainly buy another Osprey. I can only hope the company sticks with the formula that created this one.
August 5, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
24/7 means 24/7
This bag is 34L but can easily compress to any size needed for your daily use. I would rather have the space than not have the extra space if needed. The kickstand and back panel are by far the most useful features that make this bag the most versatile and comfortable in the 24/7 series. These features really come in handy at airports or when it's hot out and you just want to set the bag down quickly. This bag excels as a one-bag travel bag, a weekend road trip bag, and even a hiking bag. The quality of materials is great and the darker colors hide dirt and stains well. The bag feels like it will last a decade. I tend to use packing cubes and tech pouches so the decreased internal pockets are not an issue for me. I bought this bag to be a college backpack that can easily double as a one bag for flights or a weekend getaway bag. In my opinion, it excels at all of this so I would not let the complaints about internal storage pockets worry you. If you tend to use packing cubes etc you will love this bag. It has a ton of different pockets and enough of them to keep your quick-grab items separate and easy to get to.
July 26, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
The old one is still going strong
This pack is an ideal size for every day carry as a commuter. I drag books and papers to and from my office daily, often with my laptop, and/or a rain shell tossed in. The organization of the pockets are excellent for sorting and separating, and there are tablet/folder sleeves in each of the two main sections. The "sun glasses pocket is a wonderful place for meds, coins, pens, cash, phone, passes, tissues and other immediate on-the-fly needs. I have flown all over with this as my carry-on bag, and it easily fits under seats and in overhead bins. I have used this in a pinch as a hiking pack or as a tourist-about-town pack, and it is okay, but not as nearly as comfortable as my Osprey day pack with its airframe suspension.

Beware of the temptation to carry more than you need simply because more will fit in this all-swallowing pack.

I have an older version of this pack (one with a buckle closure for the shove-pocket). The downside of the older version is that the side bottle pockets are too short, and bottles annoyingly jump out. The new version of the pack appears to have much deeper pockets AND a much nicer back panel (rigid, with air channels). The downside of the newer version is that the organization pocket lacks the wonderful zippered, internal security pocket and the pen sleeves found in the old version. Worse, the new version only has a single zipper pull for the organization pocket. That would be a HUGE inconvenience. I am hard on day packs, and even though I bought my Nebula used, and it shows abrasion wear, I expect to get several more years of use from it.

If you do not carry a laptop, you can use the laptop sleeve to hold a hydration bag; there is a pass-through for the hose (this is thoughtfully covered to keep rain out). And the carry handle is broad and well-padded, unlike the painfully thin handles that one often finds on day bags.
June 15, 2021
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Rated 4 out of 5
I love my Nebula so much I bought another
I have a 3 year old nebula that has a blown out zipper because I habitually overstuff the laptop compartment. The zippers are also sticky from many, many days at the beach. I will send it in for repairs, but I didn't want to be without my beloved Nebula for day to day use, so I bought another.

I don't normally like orange, but the orange color looks amazing in person and the blue contrasts are also very eye-pleasing.

The straps are SOFT now unlike the ones on my older nebula. Easy to wear with a tanktop or shirtless. The side pockets are deeper which is a great change.

There are 2 changes from my old bag that I don't like though.
1. The zipper on the outer compartment is one way instead of two-way. I far, far prefer having 2 zippers on that compartment which I access a lot.

2. Inside of that compartment there used to be an inner zipper pocket which has been deleted, along with some pen holders. That one isn't really a big deal, but I do miss that pocket sometimes.

All in all, this is a fantastic bag and it will hold a BIG laptop securely, plus zip wide open to show it when going through airport security. But it's also fantastic for day to day use, including beach days. Water bottles go in the laptop area, towels, clothes, etc go in the middle spot with room to spare, and small items go in the outer pocket. Great every day bag.
March 25, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
2017 model has been awesome!
I bought this bag in 2017, and it's awesome!

I used it for a few years as my commuter bag to take the train to work with my computer, gym clothes, night school books, etc. It handled everything. It's also just big enough for weekend trips as a carry-on bag when traveling light.

In 2019 I went solo traveling abroad, and I just couldn't leave my Nebula at home. I strapped it to the outside of my Aether 70, and to my surprise, it worked!!! I traveled the world and used my Nebula as my day bag when I could leave my large bag in a safe location. It was perfect. It has room for water bottles, it expands to fit extra gear, and collapses when empty for storage. It's very versatile.

One con is that it started to wear away through the fabric on the inner back side near my belt. It still works, but it looks weird like it has been sanded down.

I definitely recommend the 2017 version, not sure what has been updated, but I wouldn't change much.
February 11, 2021
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Rated 3 out of 5
I found it too much and not the most comfortable on my back
I got the umber orange for myself. It's definitely a good looking pack, standout in the crowd, and make your friends jealous. The 34 liter space is more than enough to carry stuffs in most scenarios. However, having a 34L backpack meaning you will carry a lot of stuffs and weight. I bought this pack to serve my business trip. During a business trip, I usually carry a 13 inch laptop, 10 inch tablet, mirrorless camera (with 3 lenses), a jacket, phone+powerbank, and other accesories. Everything can be nicely organized in this nebula pack. Unfortunately, the back system is not the most comfortable for the job, and I think that's the case for the Osprey's 24/7 series. I also found, 34L still too much for my needs, and I might switch to smaller pack (28L). This is my second attemp to love the 24/7 series (I previously had Quasar), but I think I'll look somewhere else. However, all of my hiking packs are still osprey and I love them all.
December 30, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect Everyday Bag
This is the best backpack I've ever owned. I've had it for about 6 months now. It's been all over the country with me and there to serve my every need. Fits my MacBook perfectly, and my 1 gallon yeti, along with everything else I need. I'll be an osprey customer for life.
November 30, 2020
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Rated 3 out of 5
New version is somewhat of a letdown.
This pack and I went everywhere together for a couple years. Including several long plane trips. It makes a great carry on bag and is very roomy. I loved my old Nebula, but knew it could use some improvements. I saw the new version and ordered it. At first I was very happy to see the new back panel to increase airflow and comfort. That was an issue with the older model I had. With the old smoother foam back panel I would be drenched in sweat if I went on a short walking adventure. The new back panel is an excellent improvement. However, I am an organization freak and was very disappointed with the new admin pocket. It has less organization, less pockets and dividers. I had to add a second admin pouch to fulfil my needs. There is also only one zipper on this pocket now. That really bugs me sometimes. Overall I still use this bag. If they could just combine the new back panel with the older admin design it would really shine. I would also love to see some optional compression straps on the bottom of the pack. When you add any weighted items to the pack they make the bottom sag down quite noticibly, if it isn't full. I would actually say if you catch these on end of season sale its one of the best values out there for a good sized commuter pack.
October 15, 2020
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