Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel

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This reel delivers lightweight handling and top-of-the-line durability by advanced materials. The ultra lightweight magnesium body rotor and sideplate are protected with proprietary 3 step coating to provide premium corrosion resistance and durability. Its solid titanium main shaft is 30% stronger and 43% lighter than comparable stainless steel shafts. Carbon handle with EVA knob is 20% lighter than comparable aluminum handles. The sealed carbon drag system and durable titanium- coated line roller are sure to bring a fish to a stop.
  • 10 Bearing System - Corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings
  • XCR Ball Bearings - Pflueger's highest performance shielded and friction reducing bearings
  • Magnesium Body and Rotor - Feather light design
  • Machined aluminum main gear - Precision manufacturing for unsurpassed smoothness and durability
  • Slow Oscillation - Excellent line management for all types of line
  • Skeletonized Spool - Extremely ported aircraft grade aluminum
  • Sealed Carbon Drag - Sealed system  always lubricated always smooth
  • Carbon Handle - 21% lighter than aluminum
  • Carbon Arbor - Lightweight spool design that combines carbon and aluminum
  • Titanium Main Shaft - Reduces weight and improves performance

Customer Reviews

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A love/hate relationship that is now just hate.
At first, I loved this reel. It is light, compact and I could cast very far. However, it often did not lay the line onto the spool well resulting in tangles, but I dealt with it due to its benefits. Well, I've used it for 1-1/2 seasons (approximately 45 outings and the bail failed. The bail now just flops around. I am very disappointed in this reel.
July 27, 2020
Originally posted at
Great reel, until it breaks.
When I retired I knew I would spend a lot more time fishing and I wanted to treat myself to a really great reel. I go after a lot of panfish and find 2 lb line and a smooth drag makes it more fun and productive. A really light reel makes the tackle better balanced, and after a lot of research decided on the Patriarch in the 25X size. My first experience with the reel was all I was hoping for. The light weight, very smooth and widely adjustable drag, retrieve speed, and slow spool oscillation worked perfectly and I was a happy camper.
Then, one day on a local pond, the bail no longer would automatically close when I started my retrieve. I finished the morning manually closing the bail and headed home. Being a retired product design engineer it is not in my nature to pack something up and send it in for repair, I want to know what has gone wrong. Opening the reel I quickly found that the screw that secures the bail return ramp casting had backed out. I put the screw back in, closed things up, and resumed using the reel. After a fair bit of use, the same failure happened again. This time when I opened the reel the same screw was loose, and now the ramp had developed a small crack where the screw goes through. I did not over-tighten anything, and view the design as inadequate for the service it is called upon to provide. Screw replaced, back in service, another period of time, and it has happened again. I can't readily use a thread lock because of the heavy lubrication presence. It's back together, but I expect another failure.
I really find it inexcusable to have a problem like this with a $200 reel. Out of all I own, this is the only reel that has failed me while fishing. I'm ready to give up on it, but maybe I should try factory repair to try and salvage some of my investment. I'm afraid I will never trust the reel again, and that's sad because without the failures this is a really nice piece of gear.
May 15, 2020
Originally posted at
My go-to
I decided to give a review after 4 years. I have a size 25 and 35, have given these reels alot of use with no issues. I have NOT had the anti reverse issue like my other abu reels had and other reviews, and I've fished these in pretty cold weather many times(as low as 25 degrees they get wet, not abused but used heavily. I have many other brands, Overall I think a great light spinning reel, good bail design, excellent drag and line lay. if I had one complaint the spool could be just a little deeper. The smaller one I got on sale and at $160 was a great buy.
October 25, 2019
Originally posted at
Smoothest reel in my arsenal hands down. Love every part of this reel, no issues so far.
May 17, 2019
1 year ago
Happy Fisherman
Bought this reel for my father and when we took it out for the first time it was truly impressive in its looks and performance. Very effortless casting to achieve impressive distance. Would definately be purchasing one for myself.
May 11, 2019
1 year ago
Bought (2) 9525 reels over the last year or so... The lightest reel that I can find for the price. I pair them both with Cumara rods and absolutely love the feel. I have broken one of the handles and paid for replacement... I think this is an issue judging by other reviews. I also had a simple spring come loose on same reel. I tried to repair myself but ended up sending to Pflueger; their service department repaired and returned the reel for free. I was amazed honestly... 5 star service... I was expecting to pay a decent amount for sending in a half assembled reel. If you avoid banging the reels around you should be ok. The reel itself is a dream to fish with.
February 26, 2019
Originally posted at
Awesome reel. Only has a few things i disliked.
I bought this reel used and performed outstanding. Some cons about the reel is that it has a small spool which holds very little line, and if you are fishing braid in saltwater, the spool doesn't hold up. On my patraich the salt started eating up the spool.

The real though is a good quality reel but i would not recommend for saltwater.
October 21, 2018
Originally posted at
I own 3 of these
Never had a problem. I got these when they first came out with this series. I've had these for about 8 years now. No rust no problems. All 3 of them are brand new like. I swear by pflueger reels. I have 8 reels.
October 10, 2018
Originally posted at
Number 3!
Have owned two of these reels for 5 years. Love how light weight they are and so smooth. Looks like the new one has a few cosmetic changes but action is still top notch.
August 31, 2018
Originally posted at
Very smooth light weight reel
I purchased the 9525 Patriarch about four years ago and it was my go to panfishing reel. Then about a month ago it started binding up when playing a fish and I noticed that there was excessive side play in the main shaft. I sent it back to the repair center and they repaired it, but the excessive side play was still there. I called the service department and after review of the repair they replaced the reel. That is top notch service in my book. I realize that any mechanical device can and will fail from time to time and does not always reflect the quality of the overall product. But it is the quality of the companies customer service that speaks loudly of the overall quality and integrity off a company, and Pflueger customer service is top notch.
July 16, 2018
Originally posted at