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Primos Rare Breedâ„¢ Glass Wood Grain Pot Call is currently out of stock.

Primos Rare Breed™ Glass Wood Grain Pot Call

Primos Rare Breedâ„¢ Glass Wood Grain Pot Call

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Product Description


Primos Rare Breed™ is offered in both slate or glass surfaces. Comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand while working a bird. Outer edges of the call produce higher yelps, cuts, and clucks while lower and deeper tones can be made towards the middle. Play loud or soft, whichever fits your needs. Solid one-piece striker and abrasive pad included.

PREPARING THE GLASS SURFACE: This glass surface is super hard, which allows the call to quickly and easily reach pitches of 15,000 Hz.


We have provided two abrasive pads with your call - one coarse and one finer grit. Sand your glass in one direction or in a circular motion with heavy grit. Use the finer grit to finish the surface.

To keep your Rare Breed™ sounding its best, try our Slick Stick™ Conditioning Tool (Model No. 668).

  • Wood cup and sound board

  • One-piece Striker

  • CNC Milled Pot

  • Lifetime Service Guarantee 

  • Includes two abrasive pads

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