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Pro Tec Petellar Tendon Knee Strap

Item No. 785702-1000

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Pro Tec Petellar Tendon Knee Strap


General Application

The Knee Pro-Tec is designed to alleviate symptoms of:

Moderate knee pain (areas under and surrounding knee cap)
Osgood-Schlatter's Disease
Design Theory

The Knee Pro-Tec provides compression directly on the patellar tendon. This helps spread pressure uniformly across the patellar tendon, reducing discomfort and irritation.
Compression helps stabilize patella (knee cap), by improving tracking.
The Knee Pro-Tec absorbs stress to the knee by reducing vibrations in the femoral grove.

Sizing: Measure circumference just below patella (knee cap).

S: 10"-12"
M: 12"-13"
L: 13"-15.5"
XL: 15.5"-17.5"

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