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Raindrops 3oz Candy Sushi

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Product Description

Looks Like Sushi...Tastes Like Candy!

Surprise and delight friends and family with this bento box full of a variety of sushi rolls and garnishes. The candy sushi is so yummy and fun it will be a gift they'll remember. Best of all, the candies taste as good as they look! Each piece is sweet, sour or fruity with different textures and consistencies. The bento box makes a funny, yummy and unique gift for birthdays and holidays.

Each Candy Bento Box Contains 9 Pieces:

2 Nigiri - Marshmallows Topped with Gummy Fish
2 California Rolls - Marshmallows Topped with Sour Gummy Belts
1 Uramaki - Sour Gummy Ring with Gummy Bears
2 Ikura with Masago - Candy-Coated Gum Drops
2 Koikuchi - Licorice Ropes