Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Sunglasses

Item No. 9410-RB2140-STORIES
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Touch Control
Pause your song, take a photo or record a video in a single touch with the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button.

Product Description


The Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Sunglasses give you the ability to listen to music, take a picture, and look stylish all at the same time. The Ray-Ban Stories combines the technology of Facebook to engineer Ray-Ban’s first generation of smart sunglasses and eyeglasses that keeps you connected to your social network. The 5MP dual cameras that are built into the Ray-Ban Stories offer you the ability to capture high-resolution pictures and quality videos. Plus, the Ray-Ban Stories have discreet, open-ear speakers that allow you to listen to music, podcasts, and much more. The simple touch control allows you to pause your music, increase volume, capture a photo or video, and much more. Take your style and social media to a new level with the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Sunglasses. 


  • Dual Camera
  • Portable Charging Case 
  • Discreet, open-ear speakers to capture surround sound
  • Voice control so you can capture photos and videos hands-free
  • Simple Touch Control to pause your song, take a photo, or record a video with a single touch


  • 3 built-in microphones capture sound in all directions
  • 5MP camera offers high-resolution photos and quality video
  • Facebook assistant voice control for hands-free social media posting
  • External facing capture LED signals to others when you’re taking a photo or video