Scent Crusher Ozone Hard Sided Tote

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Be scent-free before you hit the field with Scent Crusher's full line of odor eliminating products. Featuring scent-crushing ozone activated technology Scent Crusher gets you and your gear ready for the hunt. The Scent Crusher Ozone Portable Tote provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all smells and odors before and after the hunt.  Utilizing the power of ozone to quickly destroy all odors and bacteria that causes odors.  Simply place your gear in the tote seal the lid and set the timer for 5 10 15 20 or 30 minutes.  The Scent Crusher Tote is completely complimentary to all carbon/silver lined scent control clothing and extends their life with reduced laundering.  Enjoy never having to wash your clothes again to be scent free.  The included ozone generator provides on demand ozone with an automatic shut off after each use.  The tote may be used easily on the way to the hunt in the back seat with the included 12V car adapter or utilized at home with the 110 volt charger.  The tote can be permanent scent free storage when not in use.  A large heavy duty tote with an integrated handle and wheels.  Utilize the Scent Crushing technology for everyday items such as sports gear work coats boots/shoes hats and gloves.  The ozone generator is maintenance free.  The tote size is 35"L x 21"W x 18"H Airport/TSA compliant 40 Gallon size and comes with a one year warranty. The Gear Bag is part of the complete odor eliminating system by Scent Crusher.  Declared Best New Product at the ATA hunting show. Scent Crusher - Scent Off. Game On.

  • Powerful Scent Crusher Ozone Technology destroys odors on clothes in 30 Minutes
  • Never Wash your clothes again
  • Use 365 days a year on everyday items-sports gear work clothes and shoes
  • Compliments Scent Control Carbon and Silver clothes and extends life
  • Sanitize your gear on the way to the hunt-includes 12V vehicle adapter
  • Large Tote with integrated handles holds all of your gear
  • Extra Large Size-40 Gallons or 35"L x 21"W x 18"H
  • Heavy Duty Material for rough use ?Permanent Storage and Scent Control when not in use
  • 20 Year life -Ozone generator is included and maintenance free

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I’ll never hit the woods without it!
By far this was the best investment I’ve ever made! Had deer downwind of me all season and they never knew I was there, even crazier was they walked in on the same trail I took to my stand! The tote is able to store all of my gear and my wife’s gear including our packs and late season gear and I love being able to just throw it in the back of the truck and not have to worry about anything, if you’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger I highly recommend you do, your season will never be the same!
May 31, 2019