Scheels Outfitters All Around Auto Trap Thrower

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Scheels Outfitters

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The Scheels Outfitters All Around Auto Trap Thrower is the perfect addition to take your shooting skills to the next level. This is a must have trap thrower with an adjustable wobbler, limit switch, and wireless remote. With automatic shot scenarios, this thrower will tremendously enhance your shootability by the adjustable limit switch for timing adjustments in the field.


  • Wireless remote
  • Adjustable wobbler


  • 5-35 degree anle of adjustment for different throwing planes
  • Handles all standard, bios, 108mm, and 110mm clays
  • Smooth feeder tray that provides a flawless transfer of pigeon onto the throwing arm
  • Adjustable limit switch for timing adjustments in the field
  • Wireless remote attaches easily to the back of the trap
  • Quick release latch on the key fob
  • Adjustable wobbler presents real life shooting situations, random incomers, away shots, as well as fast quartering and passing shots
  • Adjustable wobbler seamlessly mounts to the auto trap
  • Adjustable wobbler moves 45 degrees from left to right and 15 to 45 degrees up and down
  • Protection: Safety pin when not in use

  • Holds 50 targets
  • Throws singles only
  • Throws 55+ yards
  • Approximately 3.5' tall
  • 15' foot pedal release cord
  • 2.5 second recycle time
  • Power: 12v deep cycle marine battery (not included)

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Great price. Highly recommend.
I purchased this thrower on sale with the intent to be able to shoot by myself and it works perfectly. I have not had any misfires and use it every weekend.
July 27, 2019
2 months ago
Follow up on LONG review
At least 1200 clays through this beast- only errors attributable to operators (turn off wobble to reload carriage). still throws fast and hard.
March 24, 2019
Works great!! Super fast shipping highly recommend.
January 27, 2019
7 months ago
There is very little info available on this unit. I rarely take the time to submit reviews-good or bad- but felt compelled to help people like me who would like to read reviews (for what they are worth) before buying. I found ZERO on this unit, took a chance, purchased 1 in August 2018. After approximately 9 cases (135 count) of clays we love this thrower. The only drawback is I would STRONGLY recommend you find an extra 5x20mm 10 amp fuse. They are apparently unique and may not be readily available locally ($5.99 for 10 on Amazon). The thrower's motor is protected by 1. Basically it is a Do All Fowl Play with a 50 clay extension, a Do All wobbler (has adapter to oscillate back and forth only and an adapter that oscillates back and forth and up and down) and a remote control. Price is great if you buy all this at the best "non-clearance" prices you will spend $20 more and can only get a 40 clay extension. Champion products are good but one must buy the oscillator and wobble kits separately at a greater $$$ to get what you get here. We have had no malfunctions or thrower breaks and it throws 50 yards easily without too much tension on the spring-which can be adjusted to to alter speed (at some cost to distance) to a surprising degree without creating problems. We have operated it with the carriage fully loaded and with only a few. I have been told of folks who tried to operate with a standard 12 volt "starter" battery who had issues but we are using a deep cycle w/ dimensions of a starter for ease of carry and have had no problems in operation or battery life. (so far longest period of operation about 5 hours but am certain we were no where near out of power). Assembly is a bit confusing at first since you get all the parts and hardware for both the thrower and wobbler so expect left-overs. It performs according to spec so if 2.5 second intervals are an issue then you may need to look elsewhere but we have found it sufficiently challenging and the users are very experienced quail and pheasant hunters and sporting clays, skeet and 5 stand "participants." Fully assembled it is heavy for a 62 year old but manageable. I highly recommend this unit but if anyone in your group is the type to possibly fail to pull the safety pin before arming do not take it to the field with out an extra fuse (although we learned a spent 17HMR casing and pliers can be used to fabricate a substitute for temporary relief).
October 25, 2018