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Scheels Outfitters Combo Points

Item No. 1790-8634
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Product Description

The SCHEELS Outfitters Combo Points are a great way to practice before your next hunt. These weighted combo points mimic the weight and size of a variety of hunting broads so you can better recreate the feel of an actual shot and improve your aim. These points are designed to shoot into bag targets, foam targets, and grass-type targets so archers everywhere can prepare for their hunt. Improve your accuracy and get ready for success with the SCHEELS Outfitters Combo Points.

Size: (Important to match the outside diameter of the arrow/nothing to do with thread size)

  • 17/64 - Scheels Outfitters Vengeance SD Arrow, 5mm, .204
  • 5/16 - Scheels Outfitters Vendetta/Vendetta Pro Arrows, 6mm, .246, Most arrows with Outserts
  • 11/32 - Most Crossbow bolts
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Great for practicing before a hunt
  • Precision-machined and richly finished
  • Quantity: 12 points per package