SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Carrier

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2019 Model Mini Bomber comes standard with our Universal Huske Fork Mount upgrade, with 9mm plugs and quick release skewer. The Mini Bomber is probably our most versatile model. This 2-bike fork-mount rack is designed to attach to your car's roof, trunk, or your SUV's back glass. The HDPE body flexes to conform to your car's curves. With four 6" SeaSucker vacuum mounts, this rack has plenty of muscle. Fits on virtually any car. Minimal assembly required.

  • Universal Compatibility: One versatile mount for all vehicles, campers, RV's, rental vehicles, etc.
  • Quick installation: Racks install in under two minutes and come off in seconds; making it easy to transfer your rack from car to car and from car to storage.
  • Fuel Efficient: Third party tests have proven the average 12,000-miles-a-year driver spends an additional $200 - $500 a year on fuel when using racks that stay on all the time - even with no bike in the rack! That's what SeaSucker racks cost! These racks essentially pay for themselves every year.
  • Travel friendly: Racks are small enough and light enough to fit into a bike bag or carry-on.
  • Easy to use: To attach, apply a little downward pressure to ensure that the entire edge of the mount is touching the surface. Then, simply press the pump repeatedly until the orange indicator band completely disappears.
  • Holds 2 bicycles - up to 45 lbs each.
  • Made for roof top, trunk or hatchback attachment.
  • Attaches to metal, glass or fiberglass surfaces.
  • 3/4" thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body for strength and durability.
  • Two HUSKE Universal fork mounts with 9mm plugs.
  • Additional plug sizes are available for purchase.
  • SeaSucker 6" vacuum mounts on body (Each cup is pull-rated for 210 lbs).
  • Size: Approx. 27" x 8" footprint.
  • Weight: Approx. 12 lbs.
  • What's in the box
  • Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack
  • (2) Universal Fork Mount with 9mm plugs.
  • (2) Rear Wheel Straps 22 inches (can accommodate most fat bike tires).
  • Spare SeaSucker pump.
  • (2) Crank Arm Straps (prevents pedals from contacting roof).
  • 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance.

Installation: The Do's & Don'ts of your SeaSucker Rack

Clean the vacuum pads and the car before attaching your rack.
Do the recommended maintenance on the rack, as needed.
Make sure the orange indicator bands are not visible before you leave.
Check that your bike is secure in the fork mount.

Mount bikes backwards, sideways, or at an angle.
Use your rack if any of the vacuum mounts are not working properly.
Attach your rack to part of the car that flexes easily.
Attach the rack over decals or on a wrapped vehicle.

So how does the SeaSucker vacuum mount work?

A SeaSucker vacuum mount relies on two important components to create its powerful seal: the vacuum pad and the vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump evacuates all of the air out from underneath the vacuum pad, which forms the seal. Working together, these two pieces give the SeaSucker vacuum mount its incredible strength.

To attach, apply a little downward pressure to ensure that the entire edge of the mount is touching the surface. Then, simply press the pump repeatedly until the orange indicator band completely disappears.

To remove, lift the edge of the vacuum pad away from the surface by pulling either of the tabs on the top of the vacuum pad up and towards the center of the vacuum mount. You're really just trying to lift the edge of the vacuum pad up off the mounting surface, which breaks the seal and lets you remove your rack.


Is it okay to use my rack in cold temperatures?
Yes, but be aware that once you remove your rack after using it in the cold, you will have to warm it up again to near room temperature before the rubber is pliable enough to make a solid seal to the mounting surface. Also, we recommend that, in warm weather, you wet the sealing edge of your rack before attaching. DO NOT DO THIS IN FREEZING OR NEAR-FREEZING TEMPERATURES. The vacuum cup will freeze to the surface of your car, which will prevent the vacuum pump and check valve from functioning properly. Additionally, if you wipe you car clean in the cold, make sure to dry it before attaching your rack.

How long will my SeaSucker hold?
There's no set time limit on our vacuum mounts. It depends in part on the surface you attach to, the condition of the vacuum mount, the load you put on it, and other factors. As for surfaces to attach to, vacuum mounts in general were designed to carry big sheets of glass and other solid surface materials, so smoother, flatter surfaces are ideal. Clean surfaces and clean SeaSuckers go a long way to maximizing the hold time. In any event, if the vacuum mount begins to lose some vacuum, it will warn you so you can get it back to full power before it comes off. As you probably already know, the vacuum pump's plunger will reverse itself and extend from the pump cylinder when it starts to lose power. Once you see the orange indicator band, that's your cue to re-pump your SeaSucker. For car racks, the general rule of thumb is to check the rack before you get in your vehicle, and check it each time you stop for gas, food or the bathroom.

Do I need to clean the surface I'm going to attach my SeaSucker to?
Clean off any surface dirt from the mounting surface before attaching your SeaSucker. While you're at it, make sure the sealing edge of the vacuum pad is clean too. You don't have to clean the mounting surface with alcohol wipes, as one overly-enthusiastic customer told us they do, but a quick wipe with a wet paper towel or napkin wouldn't hurt.

Will the sun damage my SeaSucker?
All SeaSucker vacuum mounts have UV inhibitors built right in, so they're made to last. However, UV rays eventually break down almost any sort of rubber or plastic, so store your SeaSuckers out of the sun when not in use.

Can I use my SeaSucker in the rain?
Absolutely. SeaSuckers will typically hold better when wet, so the rain is no problem.

Can I put a SeaSucker rack on a wrapped vehicle?
We don't recommend it. Our testing shows that our vacuum cups will pull a bubble in the wrap when attached, which screws up the wrap and is not a safe attachment point for a SeaSucker.

What if my car has a an old/chipped paint finish?
Try to find a clear spot to mount your rack. The thickness of the paint may actually mean that there will be a teeny tiny gap when you mount a SeaSucker across paint/no paint sections. That gap will eventually let air seep in under the vacuum pad, weakening and ultimately breaking the vacuum seal.

Should I take my SeaSucker off when I'm not using it?
1. Yes, because someone might steal it. 2. Any rack on your car without a bike in it will still negatively affect your gas mileage (as much as 5 mpg!) 3. It's so easy to remove and remount, just take it off when you're done using it. 4. It's always nice to let your vacuum pads have a rest and go back to their original concave shape.

How should I store my SeaSuckers when I'm not using them?
Every SeaSucker vacuum mount comes with a protective cover. Put the cover back on the vacuum pad when you're not using it. Make sure to press the edge of the vacuum pad all the way into the cover; if it's not fully seated in the cover, the edge of the cup could deform and make it difficult to attach your SeaSucker the next time you use it. If that does happen, let your SeaSucker sit on a flat surface like a countertop for a few hours until the deformation works itself out. Even though we put a UV inhibitor in the rubber and plastic we use, it's a good idea to store your SeaSucker inside or in the shade because eventually the sun kills everything.

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