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Seekins Precision Scope Rings

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Seekins Precision Scope Rings


The best rifle scope in the world is useless without scope rings precisely aligned that hold it immovably in place. Seekins Precision Scope Rings are the best available to mount precision optics to precision rifles. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum in serialized pairs to the most exacting standards in the industry, Seekins Scope Rings never need to be lapped or altered in any way. Scope Rings are .8" wide (4 screw cap) to provide more clamping surface area than any other ring on the market. Smooth edges and radiuses make Seekins Scope rings snag free and will not hang up when deploying from drag bags or scabbards. Ring sets 1.26" and taller, have weight reduction machining in the bottom of the ring body. All rings are Type III Hardcoat Anodized matte black for a durable non-glare finish. Built to the 1913 Picatinny specification, Seekins Precision Scope Rings have a center lug machined directly into the bottom. This integral, flat recoil lug is far superior to cross bolt lug designs and fits precisely into Picatinny slots with minimal clearance. For maximum torque and strength, Grade 8 T-25 Torx® fasteners are used that will not strip out while being tightened to the appropriate specification.

Built in serialized pairs means the rings never need to be lapped.
Hard Anodized matte black finish for a non glare finish

Made of 7075-T6 Aluminum
Built to 1913 Picatinny specs
30mm Height: Low = 0.82", Medium + 0.87", High = 0.97" AR High = 1.4"
34mm Height: Low = 0.92", High = 1.0"
35mm Height: Low = 0.95"

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