Senior CCM RIBCOR Trigger 7 Pro Hockey Stick

Item No. 46028-HSRC7P-SR
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Product Description

CCM optimizes the low-kick point design in the Trigger 7 Pro stick by using Skeleton+ Technology and Ergonomic Shaft Geometry. Skeleton+ is designed to specifically improve the hosel and taper strength for a much more durable stick. For the Ergonomic Shaft CCM uses a different design in each section - the top-shaft has a rounded concave shape for increased comfort and control; the mid-shaft has a rounded convex back side combined with a square-cornered concave front for maximum dexterity; and the low-shaft has a concave front and rounded concave back, combining to offer a quick release and maximum accuracy.

For the shaft, CCM includes their Elite level Nanolite Carbon layering with Sigma STP Spread Tow material. This high-performance spread tow fabric features a new weaving process that provides lightweight strength and resilience, giving you a balanced stick with the structural strength you need from a top-end stick.

The Trigger 7 Pro features CCM’s Agility 2 Blade with peel-ply and Sigma STP Spread Tow material. This optimized agility blade will provide a better feel in the heel, while keeping stiffness towards the toe for shooting accuracy. The peel-ply gives the blade more pop off the stick and added durability.

The Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro stick is built to keep up with the speed of today’s game and is an excellent low-kick option for the players who most often take quick motion shots and prefer release speed over power.

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro is a low-kick stick designed to give you a quicker release, with many high-end technologies to help improve your overall on-ice performance.
  • Optimized low-kick point for a faster release.
  • Ergonomic shaft design for enhanced comfort and control.
  • Agility 2 Blade with peel-ply for increased accuracy and durability.
  • Skeleton+ technology which specifically improves hosel and taper strength for a more reliable stick.
  • Trigger Microfeel 2 raised grip to enhance stick feel in your hands.
  • Sigma STP Spread Tow material in the shaft and blade for a lighter, more durable stick.

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