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ShotPlot Annual Forage Attractant

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ShotPlot Annual Forage Attractant


The Forage Brassicas in ShotPlot are the most palatable and nutritious forage plants in the world. ShotPlot creates a food plot quickly by growing over 24 inches tall in 45 days. Once mature deer will begin devouring it as the plants surge with new growth to replace the consumed leaves.

The best yielding New Zealand forage brassicas including rape and turnip varieties blended together in ShotPlot to deliver the highest levels of protein and mineral content of any annual forage crop available on the market today... up to 38% protein. By blending brassica varieties this mixture has been adapted to an extremely wide range of soils and weather conditions and will provide both abundant large-leaf and root forage into the winter months. Average mature plant height is 24 inches tall.

These forage brassicas have been selected to begin maturing in about 45 days. Once mature they begin fixing more sugars in their leaves and become a huge attractant to deer. As the sugars are fixed in the leaves the protein begins to increase and deer begin to forage heavily on the leaves to get the nutrients that they need. Cold weather will also jump start ShotPlot to increase the sugar content in its leaves.
  • Planting Times: The forage brassicas in ShotPlot are cool season annual forage plants that can be planted in both the Spring and Fall
  • Coverage: 2.5 lbs plants 1/2 acre; 21,780 sq ft

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