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Skip NN' & Chip NN' Hole Game Set

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Skip NN' & Chip NN' Hole Game Set
New 2-in-1 Land & Water Game! Cornhole Meets Stonne Skipping & Golf!

Skip NN' & Chip NN' Hole Game Set


SKIP NN' & CHIP NN' HOLE is the world's first floating cornhole game set that combines the fun of stone skipping and golf with the gameplay of cornhole. Play anywhere, perfect for any swimming pool and water destination including the lake, pond, river, or ocean. Your set comes with a variety of game modes allowing you to play on land as well as in the water. You'll have a blast anywhere you go! The triangle boards and skipping "stonnes" float on water. The boards are held in place via a pair of weight bags that can be filled with water, rocks, or sand. Players take turns skipping "stonnes" crafted from high density foam and designed with the help of Kurt Steiner--the Guinness World Record holder for stone-skipping.

  • 2x SKIP NN' HOLE Boards
  • 4x Red & 4x Blue Foam Skipping "Stonnes"
  • 4x Red & 4x Blue Foam Golf Balls (golf mats are not included)
  • 2x Red & 2x Blue Water Weight Bags
  • Travel Bag

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