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Sonic Citrus Cleaner

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Sonic Citrus Cleaner


Energize Your Bearings With A Jolt Of Vitamin C!

100% Citrus Power + 0% Water
  • Cleans & conditions bearings with orange & lemon extracts
  • Safe for bearing seals & retainers since there are no harsh chemicals
  • Contains no water so won't rust bearings

Earth + Human Friendly
  • Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Evaporates slowly - safe to use, no harmful fumes, prolongs cleaning action, reduces usage
  • Contains no petroleum-based ingredients

Universal + Versatile
  • Refill for the SonicĀ® Turbo Wash & other bearing cleaning systems
  • Flip top cap for easy dispensing
  • Other uses: Cleans bike chains/parts, Removes wax, tar & sticker adhesive

  • Although Citrus Cleaner is earth-friendly, don't dispose with household garbage or pour down the drain
  • Follow your city's guidance for disposal of hazardous waste

Note 1: Slow Evaporation = Oily Residue
  • Since Citrus Cleaner is slow to evaporate, it's safe to use but will leave an oily residue on bearings
  • Substances with high evaporation rates such as gasoline and acetone are more dangerous since they readily form a vapor which could be inhaled or explode
  • To remove residue, wipe with clean, lint-free cloth

Note 2: Paneling
  • Citrus-based cleaners are potent and effective on grease, but over time they scavenge oxygen which may cause paneling (bottle sucking in)
  • Paneling is due to a pressure differential between the inside of the bottle and atmosphere - we've minimized paneling by sourcing compatible containers
  • If you have a bottle that has paneled, please be assured that the contents are perfect and will still make your bearings spotless
  • To fix paneling, simply open the bottle so the pressure inside and outside will be the same

Made in USA

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