Speedo Silicone Earplugs

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Comfortable and effective ear plugs can be molded to ear size creating the perfect seal. 100% Soft silicone provides a comfortable fit. The set includes two (2) sets of ear plugs - 4 reusable plugs with carrying case.

  • Molds to fit ear
  • Blocks water flow into ears
  • One size fits all
  • Imported

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The best
These last quite a long time and they work perfectly. Good ear seal
August 5, 2018
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Inexpensive necessity
I didn't want water in my ears, but the products I had bought at the sporting good stores were probably for multiple uses, because they would fall out or feel very uncomfortable. These plugs mold to your ears, and they do a great job keeping the water out! You won't know you have them in, because they work great!
November 5, 2017
Originally posted at
Great product for healthy ears
A great product for healthy ears. They custom fit to MY ears. Nice design! I roll them in my palms to get them warm & pliable, gently push them into my ears, and off I go to swim! Simple. Easy Peasy!! They stay tight and don't allow water in the entire time I swim my mile and even the shower after! I remove them, dab them dry on my towel, roll them into a ball, and back in the box they go. Yayyyyyy!
March 23, 2017
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"I've tried them all"
I use these ear plugs for swimming and as a noise abatement for long distance driving.
August 1, 2016
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These are great good price, effective, and comfortable.
July 19, 2016
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new earplugs
Compared to the ones I purchased before these are kind of sticky
February 6, 2016
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Very comfortable. love it!
I using this product everyday for swim. It keep water out and very comfortable.
March 9, 2015
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very good
These are very good.
I think you can use these a hundred times, then you have to toss them because they're not exactly easy to clean, but they don't get that dirty easily either.
Give it a shot.
February 16, 2015
Originally posted at
No instructions needed
I see other reviews saying there were no instructions on how to use these plugs. None are needed. You simply push them into your ear and form them until you have a tight seal. Like the children's version, they do not fall out while swimming or diving. The only con I would say is that hair can possibly get pressed into them as you're fitting them into your ear. Otherwise another great product from Speedo.
July 14, 2014
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I love the product... Though it is too sticky it gets lodged in my ear like in my ear, in my ear. I've had to go to the doctor to get it removed and it came out and now its stuck...again. Would recommend
March 14, 2013
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