TenPoint Crossbows Replacement AcuDraw Handle

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Replacement ACUdraw Hand Crank. 

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TenPoint Nitro XRT Accudraw Pro
I recently purchased a TP Nitro XRT and have been upset with the Accudraw Pro that is designed into it. They did not design a way to keep the crank handle from falling out while you are walking through the woods. I've bumped it several times and it has fallen right off. I'm upset that they are charging so much for this crossbow yet they have completely ignored this terrible flaw. I do not want to walk through the woods only to get there and find out I lost the crank to draw the string back. TenPoint really needs to remedy this flaw because they put it in with their design. It is not an Accudraw issue it is a TenPoint issue.
September 30, 2019
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Can't Crank Without It...
Obviously a must for the ACUdraw cranking system, but handle storage can be problematic. My Turbo XLT came with this system and include a storage holster. This was a bit unhandy, as it added yet another item to my hunting belt and the hook-and-loop strap is noisy when you have that big boy you missed standing there wondering what just whizzed over his back. In times like this, it's best just to leave the handle in the holster and hand cock the bow. But you can't do that with the newer, ultra-narrow bows so an upgrade to the ACUdraw Pro is a must.
February 23, 2019
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Awesome idea. Needs refined
Good idea but it needs refined for the fit in a crossbow. I have a stealth and on a few occasions it’s come out.
February 22, 2019
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Love this Hand Crank
This Hand Crank is the bomb. It makes cocking my crossbow effortless.
February 20, 2019
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