Triple Seven Firestar Pellets

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This pellet is designed for a 50-caliber inline muzzleloader used with a 209 primer. Features revolutionary design utilizing geometric star- shape. 3 pellets equal 100 grain equivalent, 4 pellets equal 140 grain equivalent, and 5 pellets equal 175 grain equivalent.


  • Cleaner Burning/Reduced Fouling - More shots between cleaning
  • Higher Velocity - Gain up to 50 FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • More Efficient - Longitudinal grooves provide more surface area for ignition

Available in a 60-pellet hand-or-stand clam pack

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Tried these and I like them
I've used 3 -50 gr pellets(150 gr) of Triple 7 for a long time, the accuracy was ok but not a tack driver by any means. I tried 4-33 grain pellets(132 gr) of the new Firestar pellets in place of my old load and it seems much quicker igniting. During this change I also changed to a Barnes copper bullet. Without a chronograph I can't give an accurate number on the difference of FPS, but I can tell you this: this combination is shooting a tighter group. Had the opportunity to harvest a deer at 80 yards. It was a heart shot and a complete pass through, so unfortunately I don't have a bullet to view the expansion but this combo did the job and much more accurately than my old load. Some complain about the higher cost but really if you're using it as a hunting bullet what's a few more cents for something fast, convenient, and accurate, Isn't this what we really all want? There are cheaper alternatives out there that are giving good accuracy, but I tried this and it worked so I'm not looking anymore.
December 15, 2018
7 months ago