Triumph Systems Ethical Harvest Whitetail Responsive Target

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Practice Ethical Harvesting
Before your next hunting trip, practice your shooting accuracy with the Ethical Harvest Whitetail Reactive Target System. This target provides superior training for hunting veterans and beginners with an illuminating gel that highlights each area of impact.

Product Description

This responsive target provides instant feedback, leaving no doubt as to where your rounds have impacted the vital organs. The vital organs are made of a highly visible gel. Developed with a Navy SEAL, and endorsed by professional hunters, this 100+ round target was made for most calibers and is loved by shotguns. It is a great training tool for hunters of all skill levels, from beginner hunters to the advanced level. These targets promote and reinforce the importance of round placement for ethical harvesting, ensuring you take home that trophy buck! The lungs and heart are represented by different colors, providing easy-to-identify round placement. Additional grid targets are located above the torso to maximize use of this fully reactive target.

Recommended for outdoor use. Proudly designed in the USA.

US Pat. No.9,958,239

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