Tru-Fire Edge Pink Buckle Release

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Tru-Fire Edge Pink Buckle Release


The pink camo Edge has a very sleek head size which is the same diameter as a dime. A linear motion bearing internally makes the trigger action on this release extremely smooth. Features the pink camo Evolution buckle strap with our innovative foldback system which allows you to position the release so the head is out of your way for a safe and quiet climb up your ladder stand pulling arrows rattling etc. Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

  • American Made dual caliper release with spring loaded trigger
  • Open jaws by pulling back the trigger letoff the trigger to close jaws
  • Features our Pink camo Evolution buckle strap the simplest yet most comfortable strap on the market
  • Trigger travel is adjustable
  • Adjustable length between head and strap by simply turning the head clockwise or counterclockwise. The length adjustment location may be locked in place with a set screw

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