Vexilar 9 Degree Pro View Iceducer Transducer

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The Vexilar 9-Degree Pro View Ice-Ducer Transducer has revolutionized the way anglers use sonar. This Vexilar transducer features a reliable float and stopper system that ensure accurate readings and better detect your bait so you can work with the most reliable information. The transducer adjusts for different ice thickness, while the specially designed cable stays limp even in low temperatures, ensuring the ProView Ice-Ducer continues to work properly across conditions. Made with high-quality Barium Titanate crystal, the Vexilar 9-Degree Pro View Ice-Ducer Transducer will give you reliable sonar information so you can better plan your ice fishing strategy.


  • Quality Barium Titanate crystal
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Earth-grounded cable construction
  • Easily adjusts for different ice thickness conditions
  • Specially designed cable stays limp in cold weather
  • Reliable float and stopper system ensures accurate readings
  • Model #: TB0051
  • Beam Angle: 9 degree


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