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Vexilar Digital Depth/Battery Gauge

Vexilar Digital Depth/Battery Gauge

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Product Description


The Vexilar Digital Depth/Battery Gauge allows you to add a digital depth indicator to any Vexilar FL series flasher. The Vexilar DD-100 is easy to install and allows you to monitor the water depth as well as check on the status of your Vexilar's battery with the push of a button. The backlit display stays visible even in low-light, great for ice fishing in early morning or at night. Plus, the DD-100 has an automatic sleep mode that prevents battery drain. Upgrade your Vexilar unit with the Vexilar Digital Depth/Battery Gauge.

Installation is easy. Simply unplug your transducer from the back of your Vexilar and plug into the DD-100 connector. Take the other end of the DD-100 and plug it into the back of your Vexilar. Attach the red power lead from the FL Digital Depth Indicator to the positive terminal post of your battery. A "piggy-back" terminal has been provided for easy connection to the Genz or Pro Pack. If you have an Ultra pack, please go to the Vexilar web site for detailed mounting instructions. Finally, place the FL Digital Depth Indicator where the old battery indicator was and attach with either plastic push pins or use a small bolt and lock nut.


  • Easy to install
  • Water-resistant
  • Backlit display for low-light use
  • Auto-sleep mode prevents battery drain
  • Compatible with all Vexilar FL series flashers
  • Gives any Vexilar flasher a digital depth display
  • Displays battery status with the push of a button


  • Model #: DD-100
  • Power Draw ON: 21mA
  • Power Draw OFF: 124uA
  • Maximum Depth: 199 Feet


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