Viper Flux Conversion 20 Grams Dart Set

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Viper Flux Conversion 20 Grams Dart Set


The Viper Flux Conversion 20 Grams Dart Set is the perfect combination of customization and quality for any level of dart player. With 90% Tungsten Barrels for tight shot groupings, standard and slim flights for personalizing your throw, and converter points and soft tips for multiple dartboards, this set provides the perfect combination of quality and convenience. Plus, you can use these darts on both sisal and electronic dart boards with both steel tips and soft tips. Get Viper Flux Conversion 20 Grams Dart Set today and discover the perfect darts for your game.
  • 90% Tungsten Barrels have a slim profile for tight shot groupings
  • Standard and slim flights allow you to customize your darts to fit your throw
  • Includes three darts, converter points, soft tips, o-rings, and a total of six flights in both slim and standard sizes
  • Conversion darts come with a set of converter steel tips, and soft tips, making them usable with both sisal and electronic dartboards
  • Dart Barrel Material: Tungsten
  • Dart Barrel Length: 43.03 mm
  • Dart Barrel Min Diameter: 6.12 mm
  • Dart Barrel Max Diameter: 6.72 mm
  • Dart Shaft Material: Aluminum

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