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Wicked Big Sports Takraw

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Product Description

Wicked Big Sports® Takraw is a competitive, challenging, and dynamic new game! Combining soccer and volleyball - this game puts your skills to the test.

The object of the game is to kick the ball back and forth over the net, without using your hands, and score on your opponent. The ball can bounce on the ground twice per side before it has to be returned over the net. The set includes a 10ft wide net, net stand, ball, pump, court lines and carry case.
Combines Soccer and Volleyball game play!
Kick. Spike. Score.
Kick the ball over the net and try to score against your opponent
Kick it, knee it, head it - no hands allowed!
Don't let the ball bounce more than 2X on your side
Includes: net, net stand, court lines, ball, pump, carry case