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Winn Excel 2017 Golf Grip

Item No. 2230-5715W
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Product Description


The Winn Excel 2017 Golf Grip provides an unparalleled grip with the classic comfort of a Winn grip. This Winn golf club grip is made with Excel polymer material that maintains long-lasting tackiness and cushions your hands. Every stroke will be more controlled and more consistent. Plus, using a Winn golf club grip helps eliminate wrist movement. Golf your best this season with the Winn Excel 2017 Golf Grip.


  • Style: Wrap
  • Material: Excel
  • Profile: Parallel
  • Texture: Minimal
  • Firmness: Comfort
  • Water Resistance: Low
  • Shock Absorption: High


Grip Size: Standard

  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Core Size: 0.600"

Grip Size: Oversize +1/8"

  • Weight: 47 grams
  • Core Size: 0.600"

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