Women's Oboz Sawtooth Low Hiking shoes

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The Sawtooth Low BDry may be the most used shoe in your closet. Heck• it probably won't even make it to the closet. Ridiculous traction; a stable and cushioned midsole; a comfortable• waterproof/breathable upper. Everything you need for your next trip outdoors. Features: Waterproof Nubuck Leather & Highly Abrasion Resistant Textile Oboz BDry Waterproof / Breathable Membrane 3D Molded Heel Counter

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Thank you, Oboz, for bringing back arch support to the shoe industry. I've been unhappy with hiking boots for the last decade because I couldn't find proper support in any brand besides Chacos and Birkenstock. I was buying new hiking boots for my son, and was so impressed with your Sawtooth that I bought a pair for myself as well.
January 11, 2019
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Obsessed with Oboz!
Shoes are hard. Everyone has different needs and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I took me 9 brands to find what worked for me - Oboz. All the way. Nothing better for me and my needs. I'm a backpacker, but I HATE wearing boots (partly due to the feel of them and partly due to the random heat rash I tend to get on my upper ankles from them). But I can't comfortably backpack in trail runners, not even beefy ones and not even with ultralight gear. Enter Oboz Sawtooths. These puppies are a backpacking boot made magically into a shoe. I switched to the Sawtooths in 2015 one day before I started a 220 mile thruhike. Not one blister (also partly thanks to Injinji toe socks - FYI). Since then, I've gone through two pairs of Oboz (because I backpack a lot, not due to their durability) and am on my third pair now. I no longer bring "camp shoes" on my backpacking trips because my feet feel so good at the end of a long day that I have no need to "change into something more comfortable". I just loosen them up and wear them until bedtime. I find them to be comfortable out of the box with zero need for breaking them in. I find them to be comfortable all day. They have serious shanks that allow me to carry a 40lb pack when needed for very long, solo trips and still have happy feet. That's impossible to find in any other shoe (based on my extensive testing). They are super durable, super grippy, super supportive and super comfy. I don't ever wear them on day hikes, FYI. Too heavy for that and just kinda overkill. But if you are looking for a shoe that can handle the rigors of backpacking and also the weight of a heavy pack, this could very well be your dream come true! It certainly has been for me. FYI - my feet are "normal" in all regards EXCEPT they are every so slightly narrow. Not enough to need narrow widths, but just enough that Oboz have to be cinched really tight for me. If your feet are truly narrow, they may not work.
December 4, 2018
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Long lasting
I've had my Oboz for over 3.5 years now and they have been great. I'm just now ready for a new pair.
September 21, 2018
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Extremely uncomfortable shoes
I had previously owned a pair of the OBOZ Mystic Bdry, and they had been great, but the cushioning in the shoes had started deteriorating and they were generally looking abit worn out, so I thought I’d buy a replacement pair. I did some research and read that the OBOZ Sawtooth Bdry Women’s shoes were great, but as no-one in Australia is selling these shoes, I purchased them from the US. Although they were the right size and felt ok when I first tried them on, I find that they don’t have enough cushioning when walking, and are therefore very "hard" on your feet. I’ve been wearing them for street walking to wear them in before we go on a hiking trip , but after just walking in them for about 30 minutes, my feet start aching and eventually I get a numbing sensation and pins and needles - to the point I need to stop walking. It is such a relief when I take the shoes off. This really is a huge disappointment.

After contacting Oboz, they suggested purchasing some Superfeet insoles, but these made no difference. I have also tried other insoles with no success - just further expense. The final recommendation from Oboz was "it sounds like that shoe doesn’t fit your foot right if it’s still giving you a numbing sensation and then pins and needles. I would recommend a different style or kind of shoe for your trip. You may just need a wider toe box or a softer shoe." I saved up for awhile to purchase these shoes, and not all of us have loads of money to just purchase another pair of shoes. As you can tell, I'm very very disappointed in both the shoes and the level of customer service.
August 9, 2018
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Please do not buy these
When I first put on these shoes I thought they were MADE FOR MY FEET. I wore them on a few local trails and they were great. Little sore on the heal but expected. Got on a 4K footer and on the way up I had to turn around because of the blisters on my heal. I wear socks to prevent blisters as well. Towards the end of the hike I had to take my shoes off and went barefoot. This shoe left my feet bloody and I was out of work a few days because I couldn’t walk with shoes on. I gave these boots another chance. I wrapped my heals and wore blister cushions. Once again, I got blisters even worse than last time. I wish I could attatch a picture. Please do not buy these. I understand what it’s like to break in a hiking shoe. This is not right.
April 19, 2018
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Excellent support and comfort
Having broken both ankles (due to falls) and had a hip replacement in the past 3 years I needed a pair of walking shoes that gave me confidence to walk on uneven, potentially slippery terrain. I tried several different makes and styles but choose the Sawtooth Low BDry (which Rohan stocked) as I really felt supported and balanced wearing them. (The Sawtooth Mid was too high/firm at the front and dug into my lower leg.) The insole is excellent and means I don't have to use my orthotic (for arch and metatarsal support) just a heel wedge in one shoe. I wore them constantly during our recent holiday in India climbing up and down to rock monasteries and forts, walking round villages or city streets. They were fantastic. Though I hadn't had time to break them in, I had no blisters or discomfort and felt surefooted. I haven't worn them for a really long hikes but have been on my feet all day whilst wearing them. Their only downside is their weight which meant I had to wear them on all my internal flights! I can highly recommend them.
March 19, 2018
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Great Comfort for Everyday Use
I just got my Sawtooth Low shoes a few weeks ago and have been able to wear them on a few hikes now. I’ve been wearing them for walking my dog on local trails and they are so comfortable. I’ve recently switched from Merrells to Oboz and I’ve noticed such a difference! These shoes in particular are so easy to just put on and go. The structure of the shoe can take you for a nice walk or a moderate hike. I ordered it in my usual size 8 and noticed that it’s a tiny bit big but I’ve just tighten them and so far they haven’t been a problem. Love that I can wear these anywhere!
February 20, 2018
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Great Customer Service!
I purchased a pair of low sawtooth boots last summer/fall. One lace is about worn through. I emailed Oboz trying to figure out how to get replacement laces. The customer service rep sent me a link to fill out a form for replacement laces, but I couldn't read the PO number on the inside of the shoes. I snapped a photo and sent it with my return email. The rep was able to get the info off the photo she needed, asked me my address and shoe size -- my new laces arrived in 2 days! No fuss, no muss. Great job! Thanks!
February 19, 2018
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