World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong

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Product Description

It's a tiny version of Stretch Armstrong, the original stretching strongman! The "World's Smallest" miniature Stretch Armstrong fits in your hand. It a perfect reproduction of the 1976 stretching sensational man. You can flatten his 4" long body or stretch his arms and legs up to 12 inches and then he returns to his normal size. With yellow hair and blue bikini bottoms Stretch is ready for a whole new generation for children to enjoy! This classic favorite is back as a tiny toy!

Type: One Miniature Plastic Telephone Toy -with moving eyes, and rotating dial
Category: Classic Toys from Fisher Price
Ages 8+
Size: 1.75" Wide - (4 x 2 x 1 inches)
Package: Gift Window Box - "Stretch Armstrong - World's Smallest Hasbro"

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