Yo-Zuri Rattl'N Vibe Mini

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Yo-Zuri Rattl'N Vibe Mini


The Rattl'N Vibe Mini™ was designed to target all varieties of panfish, perch, walleye, crappie, pike, largemouth, and smallmouth bass for both open water and ice fishing. Its compact profile, fast sinking/swimming action on the fall, and fantastic color patterns are features that even the pickiest or most sluggish predators won't be able to resist! As ice fishing techniques continue to be refined by anglers worldwide, the smaller version of our original Rattl'N Vibe Series™ is a sure bet!

Size Measure Weight
1 5/8" 40mm 3/16oz
2 1/8" 60mm 3/8oz
  • Two Japanese treble hooks
  • Balanced
  • Rattle and vibration
  • Tight swimming action
  • Realistic baitfish profile
  • Type: Sinking

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