RuffleButts Infants/Toddlers/Kids Size Chart

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SizeHeightWeightAverage Age
0-3 Mo./NB18-24 in.6-13 lbs.0-6 months
3-6 mo.24-28 in.12-17 lbs.3-9 months
0-6 mo.20-26 in.7-16 lbs.0-9 months
6-12 mo.26-30 in.16-23 lbs.5-13 months
12-18 mo.29-32 in.20-26 lbs.11-19 months
18-24 mo.31-33 in.23-29 lbs.17 months - 2 years
12-24 mo.30-34 in.20-27 lbs.11-24 months
2T33-35 in.26-31 lbs.2-3 years
3T35-38 in.30-35 lbs.2-4 years
2T/3T34-38 in.26-33 lbs.2-4 years
2T-4T35-41 in.27-38 lbs2-4 years
4T38-42 in.35-42 lbs.4 years
4T/538-44 in.35-44 lbs.4-5 years
540-44 in.40-44 lbs.5 years
5-640-46 in.41-48 lbs.5-6 years
642-46 in.42-46 lbs.6 years
6/742-50 in.42-50 lbs.6-7 years
744-52 in.44-52 lbs.7 years
7/844-54 in.44-56 lbs.7-8 years
850-54 in.44-56 lbs.8 years
1052-56 in.65-75 lbs.10 years
1256-59 in.75-87 lbs.10-12 years
1459-62 in.87-100 lbs.12-13 years
1662-64 in.100-115 lbs.13-15 years
When in Doubt - Size Up:

RuffleButts designers have done their best to make their products run/fit as true-to-size as possible. With that being said, they realize little ones come in all shapes and sizes, as well as grow at different rates. If you're ever in doubt as to a size, it is recommended to size up - kids don't ever seem to get smaller!

Rear Ruffles:

Many of RuffleButts designs feature their signature rear ruffles for adding cuteness and flair. Please note that NOT ALL sizes were designed/created with ruffles. Items without rear ruffles on some sizes are denoted both in the Product Details / bullet points section on each item's page, as well as in an image showing the product without these rear ruffles. These are omitted to give products in larger sizes a more mature look.

Hat Size Chart

Average AgeHat Circumference
0-12 months17"
12 months - 2 years18.5"
3-5 years20"
6-10 years22"