Stone Glacier Men's Apparel Size Chart

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*Stone Glacier products are designed with an athletic fit to provide the hightest level of performance in the field. Use the sizing chart below to help guide you to the appropriately sized garment. NOTE: the De Havilland Pants incorporate our Contour(TM) Wasite System which provides approximately 3 inches of waist adjustment to create an exact fit.

Stone Glacier Men's Apparel Sizing Information
SizeChest (in.)Sleeve (in.)Waist (in.)Belt line (in.)Inseam (in.)
S35 - 383328 - 3128 - 3231
M38.5 - 413431.5 - 3432.5 - 3532

31.5 - 3432.5 - 3534
L41.5 - 443534.5 - 3735.5 - 3833

34.5 - 3735.8 - 3835
XL44.5 - 473637.5 - 438.5 - 4134

37.5 - 4038.5 - 4136
XXL47.5 - 403740.5 - 4341.5 - 4434

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1. Chest = With arms relaxed at your sides, measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest.

2. Sleeve = With arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from center back neck, across the shoulder to elbow and down to the writst.

3. Waist = Measure around your waist at the narrowest part. This measurement should coincide with the size in which you typically purchase pants.

4. Belt Line = Measure around your waist at the point in which your pants typically ride.

5. Inseam = From a standing postion, measure from your crotch down the inside leg to the floor.

CONTOUR WAIST(TM) Proper Fit & Use:

Our Patent pending Contour Waist(TM) System is designed to provide an exact fit around your waist. No more buying pants that are slightly too large or don't fit quite right. As well, this system allwos you to adjust the waist size of your pants to allow for a proper fit when layering base latyers or insulation bottoms underneaith. To adjust the Contour Waist(TM), follow the steps below:

*NOTE: Proper fit is best achieved by adjusting the Contour Waist(TM) while wearing the pants.

  1. Unfasten the top buckle attachment and unzip the zipper fly.
  2. While the zipper fly is unzipped, detach the left side (left as when the wearer is looking down on the zipper fly).
  3. Reattach the zipper fly to the hook and loop pad by starting at the bottom and pressing it firmly and evenly up toward the top. Attaching the zipper at a steeper angle to the LEFT will adujust the pants SMALLER. Attaching the zipper futher to the RIGHT wiill adjust the pants LARGER.
  4. Once the zipper is rattched, zip up the fly as normal and fasten the top buckle, adjusting tension as necessary. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the proper fit is achieved.
  5. Once you find your proper fit the zipper fly will work as normal and adjustment does not need to be made again until required when layering or as desired.
Stone Glacier Contour Waist(TM) Sizing Image