Colorado Springs SCHEELS Giving Campaign

2023 Colorado Springs SCHEELS Giving Campaign Winners!

Thank you to everyone that submitted a nomination through our SCHEELS Giving Campaign over the past few weeks! We received nominations for many local organizations that are doing wonderful work within our community! We are grateful to be a part of such a supportive community and are looking forward to continuing to build relationships with the many organizations that were nominated!

Here's a list of our winners!

Each organization is receiving a $5,000 check from Colorado Springs SCHEELS:

Congratulations to these amazing organizations and take some time to check out what they offer to our community!

Partnering with Local Organizations

The Colorado Springs SCHEELS team partners with over 100 non-profit organizations throughout the year to actively show support through financial sponsorship, volunteering, and special event sponsorship. These partnerships include local athletic programs for all ages, youth education programs, military groups, and human service groups. We also support environmental and wildlife partners to encourage outdoor activities in our local communities. 

If you’re inquiring about a donation or sponsorship, please contact for more information.