Johnstown Winter Sports Rental Equipment

People skiing or snowboarding on a mountain

With so many different ski resorts in northern Colorado, skiing and snowboarding are popular and fun ways to stay active throughout the winter months. Johnstown SCHEELS offers a wide selection of gear for alpine skiing and snowboarding to purchase, but we also offer a variety of winter sports equipment to rent. Whether you’re heading out to the Loveland Ski Area or the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, you’ll find quality winter sports rental equipment to take you to a variety of different terrains.

Snowboard & Alpine Ski Rentals in Johnstown

When renting your snowboard or alpine skis from Johnstown SCHEELS, you can feel confident our experts will set you up with the proper rental package option for performance and safety on the slopes. There are three different packages available for adults:

Performance Rental Package

  • Basic or beginner option for those new to skiing or snowboarding

Premium Rental Package

  • Geared to more intermediate skiers or snowboarders

Demo Rental Package

  • Ideal for those looking to try out the snowboard or alpine skis prior to purchase

We offer alpine ski and snowboard rentals for kids as well as snow helmet rentals.

Snowshoe Rentals in Johnstown

For those wanting a low-impact outdoor activity, try out snowshoeing this winter! We carry a selection of rental snowshoes in a variety of different sizes. For additional information about snowshoe rentals, feel free to contact Johnstown SCHEELS to speak with an associate.   

Johnstown Winter Sports Rental Pricing

Ski & Snowboard Rental PackagePriceSnowshoe RentalPrice
Performance 20.00 single day
10.00 each additional day
Premium30.00 single day
15.00 each additional day
Each additional day5.00
Demo40.00 per day day

Kids'20.00 single day
10.00 each additional day
150.00 seasonal* (only 12 yrs. & under)

Snow Helmets5.00 each day

* Seasonal rentals are due by May 1, 2022, unless the season is extended. Please contact Johnstown SCHEELS for late fees and additional information. Read our Ski & Snowboard Shop article to learn more about our alpine ski and snowboard selection as well as the services we offer.