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Our Ski & Snowboard Selection

Whether you enjoy cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, or snowboarding, Johnstown SCHEELS ski and snowboard shop carries a large selection of the latest gear for any snowsport enthusiast. Within our ski and snowboard shop, we carry everything you need for the slopes including protective gear and accessories like snow goggles, snow helmets, bindings, and more.

With leading skiing and snowboarding brands like Burton and Smith Optics, you’ll enjoy a selection of premium gear with the best technologies for performance. Feel free to browse our current ski and snowboard selection online by using the shop by store feature and selecting “Johnstown SCHEELS.”

To help you navigate the wide selection, our associates attend regular training regarding the latest in ski and snowboard features and technologies. With this training, they are able to offer you quality guidance while you shop for a new snowboard or pair of skis.

a ski lift photo op in Johnstown Scheels ski and snowboard shop

The ski and snowboard shop in Johnstown SCHEELS even features a fun photo op that’s Instagram-worthy! Once you’ve picked out your new ski gear, take a picture on our ski chair lift. At our ski and snowboard shop, it’s all about premium products, quality customer service, and a whole lot of fun!

Ski & Snowboard Tune-ups & Repairs

Make sure your winter sports equipment is in working condition by bringing it to our ski and snowboard service shop. Johnstown SCHEELS provides tune-ups and repairs for alpine skis, cross-country skis, and snowboards. From binding adjustments to base and edge repairs, the trained technicians at our ski and snowboard service shop can do it all. With quality and routine training, our technicians are here to make sure your snowboard, cross-country skis, or alpine skis are safe to use and in the best condition.

Below is a list of the ski and snowboard tune-ups and repairs we offer as well as pricing. If you have any additional questions or are wondering about other services offered, please contact Johnstown SCHEELS to speak with an associate.

Johnstown Ski-Snowboard Services & Pricing

Service Shop Team Members
Ski & Snowboard ServicesPrice
Ice Skate ServicesPrice
Quick Tune$25.00
Skate Sharpening$5.00
Basic Tune$40.00
Premium Bottom V Sharpening$5.00
Premium Tune$50.00

Base Repair$25.00

Machine Wax$5.00

Hot Iron Wax$15.00

Install Bindings + Test$55.00

Remount Bindings$60.00

Binding Test$20.00

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