It’s a Retail Experience

Ferris Wheel

65-Foot Ferris Wheel 

To begin your SCHEELS adventure, stop by the 65-foot ferris wheel inside the store. With 16 cars, you can ride this ferris wheel for $1. Once the fun begins, you’ll enjoy a 10-minute ride with a complete birds-eye view from the top of the ferris wheel.


16,000 Gallon Aquarium 

Since we added a 65-foot ferris wheel, we went ahead and took it to the next level with a 16,000-gallon aquarium as our grand entrance when you walk through the doors. Our aquarium features freshwater species, coral reef, and it’s maintained by full-time staff scuba divers to feed the fish daily.   

Wildlife Mountain

Wildlife Mountain 

The Wildlife Mountain is a site to see. Once you’ve walked past the aquarium and the ferris wheel, you’ll be taken back by the 22-feet tall mountain as a center focal point of the store. This mountain weighs an astonishing 28,000 pounds with 220 taxidermy-preserved animals such as grouse, ringtail cats, armadillos, red fox, more more.

Walk of Presidents

Walk of Presidents 

As your walking throughout the store, you’ll discover a world of history with our Walk of Presidents. Take a tour of our life-sized presidents that honor our forefathers, including two fully animated talking presidents designed and costumed just as history remembers them. 

Games and Simulators

Interactive Games and Simulators 

Throughout the store, we offer a variety of interactive games and simulators. With a nostalgic design, the shooting gallery tests your shooting accuracy and a golf simulator to test your athletic ability. Also, check out our arcade, laser shot simulators, and two-lane bowling alley.

Ginna’s Café™

Ginna’s Café™

To complete your shopping experience, don’t forget to stop by Ginna's Café, named after the Grandmother of SCHEELS' CEO Steve M. Scheel. This café serves gourmet soups and sandwiches, specialty drinks and 24 flavors of homemade fudge.

Interested in further details about our store attractions? Contact Johnstown to speak with an expert.