Overland Park Attractions & Experiences

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the Overland Park area, stop by SCHEELS! When you set foot in Overland Park SCHEELS, you’ll have a different shopping experience than any you’ve had so far. Aside from our friendly associates and large selection of sporting goods and clothing, SCHEELS incorporates different attractions and experiences for the best shopping experience in the Overland Park area. From rides and games to food and coffee, we have everything you want for a fun-filled shopping experience. You can even start your SCHEELS shopping experience online at SCHEELS.com to browse the current selection at Overland Park SCHEELS.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Rest your feet when you enjoy a ride on our Ferris wheel. Standing 65-feet tall, this Ferris wheel offers you an incredible sight of our Overland Park SCHEELS. Costing only $1, the whole family is able to enjoy a ride on our 16-bucket Ferris wheel. For your safety, Ferris wheel riders must be 48-inches tall to ride alone and 36-inches tall to ride with an adult. Riding the Ferris wheel is an experience to cross-off your SCHEELS bucket list.

Ginna’s Café

Fudge at ginna

Who can say no to coffee, fudge, and great conversation? At Ginna’s Café, you will feel right at home with our comfort food including specialty soups and sandwiches. When you need a little energy boost, reach for our freshly brewed Ginna’s craft roast coffee blend, a SCHEELS exclusive. You can choose from a selection of specialty coffee drinks too. For a tasty treat, choose from a wide flavor selection of our homemade fudge.


Fish swimming in aquarium as Overland Park SCHEELS

While walking around SCHEELS, the bright colors of clothing will be sure to attract your attention, but so will the bright colors of our massive aquarium. Our aquarium holds 16,000 gallons of water to make a home for a variety of saltwater fish and species as well as coral reefs. Perhaps you’ll even see our full-time scuba divers feeding and caring for our fish.

Rollerball & Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

Ready for some family friendly competition? Play a round or two of Rollerball, which is just like bowling except miniature sized! Overland Park SCHEELS has two bowling alleys located on the second floor. Whether it’s a rainy day or you need a break from shopping, enjoy playing some Rollerball. 

Once you finish bowling, stay on the second floor to test your aim in the shooting gallery. With this game, you can choose to either shoot for time or select a number of shots. Move through the scenery to find your target, aim, and fire. Keep track of scoring to make playing this shooting gallery game a friendly competition.

For additional store attractions and experiences, contact an associate at Overland Park SCHEELS or start your shopping experience on SCHEELS.com.