Missoula Store Attractions


Looking for things to do in Missoula? Make sure to stop by Missoula SCHEELS to enjoy a variety of attractions! There is something for everyone from a kids’ play area to keep the little ones busy to arcade games and delicious food the whole family will enjoy!

Ginna’s Cafe

homemade fudge from Ginna

Enjoy a tasty treat or an afternoon pick me up at Ginna’s Cafe and Coffee Shop in the Missoula SCHEELS! Coffee lovers should try the Scheels Exclusive Coffee, a craft-roast coffee blend available in a variety of different roasts. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to get some homemade fudge or fresh Bavarian roasted almonds! Whether you’re stopping in for errands or enjoying a weekend of family fun, stopping at Ginna’s Cafe is a must during your trip to Missoula SCHEELS! 

arcade and interactive games

Take a break from shopping at the Missoula SCHEELS arcade! You’ll find games like Pac Man and Big Buck Hunter for plenty of entertainment. For more interactive games, test your aim at the shooting gallery. Don’t forget the family favorite, rollerball! Kids and adults alike will enjoy a competitive game of this mini-version of bowling! Whether you’re looking to keep the kids entertained while you shop or enjoying some rainy-day fun, the arcade and interactive games at Missoula SCHEELS are sure to impress! 

Photo Opportunities

photo opportunities

To celebrate all the outdoor activities available in Missoula, Missoula SCHEELS has bronze statues of a cyclist, fisherman, and snowboarder throughout the store. To honor American history, Missoula SCHEELS also features bronze statues of presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Whether you’re looking for a fun photo op for the kids or want to take in the unique shopping experience, you’ll love what Missoula SCHEELS has to offer! 

For further information about our attractions, contact the Missoula SCHEELS to speak with one of our experts.