Reno Sparks Gun & Ammunition Shop

Guns and Ammunition in Reno-Sparks

When you are getting ready for hunting season or going to the gun range for target practice, Reno Sparks SCHEELS has the guns and ammunition for any of your hobbies. Our hunting experts are trained to answer any of your gun or ammunition questions you may have.


At Reno Sparks SCHEELS, we offer a wide selection of guns. From hunting to long range precision and recreational shooting, we have the gun to match your hobby. Our gun shop features top brands like Cooper, STI, Christensen, Bergara, Tika, Beretta, Benelli, CZ, Glock, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, and more! With this long list of gun brands, you know you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. 

Reloading Supplies

While out hunting or at the shooting range, make sure you have a supply of premium ammunition. Reno Sparks SCHEELS carries top ammunition brands such as Hornady, Winchester, Remington, Federal, and Fiocchi. For those looking to hunt large game, we also carry a large selection of lead free rounds, including copper and steel. 

For more information about current gun and ammunition supply, contact your local Reno Sparks SCHEELS to talk to an expert.