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Strong Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

For low visibility and good knot strength, use fluorocarbon line while fishing. Made with organic and synthetic compounds, fluorocarbon fishing line is stronger than monofilament fishing line. SCHEELS offers a wide selection of fluorocarbon fishing line including top fishing brands such as Seaguar, Berkeley, and more. With these fishing brands, you’ll enjoy strong, durable, and reliable fluorocarbon fishing line when reeling in your big catch.

Not only does our fluorocarbon fishing line selection feature some of the top fishing brands, but it also offers a wide variety of fishing line weight and length. Whether you’re looking for a fluorocarbon line with a test weight of 6 pounds or 80 pounds, you’ll find the right strength for your fishing needs. Plus, anglers love using fluorocarbon because this type of fishing line is nearly invisible to gamefish. Make sure your tackle box stays stocked with the best fluorocarbon fishing line from SCHEELS.