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Sleeping Bags & Liners: Beneficial for Insulation and Hygiene

Sleeping bags and liners are essential for staying warm, clean, and comfortable during your next camping trip. Sleeping bags will help make the unlevel and hard ground more comfortable. Sleeping bag liners will help protect the inside of your sleeping bag so it stays clean. While sleeping bags provide insulation, sleeping bag liners can provide an additional layer to help you stay comfortable during cold and windy nights! SCHEELS has a variety of styles of sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners to meet all your needs. Whether you need insulation, additional padding, or hygiene maintenance SCHEELS has the perfect sleeping bag and liner for you! Shop our trusted brands like Coleman and Sea To Summit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners?

A sleeping bag's primary purpose is to keep you insulated while camping. This will help you retain heat throughout the night. A sleeping bag liner can help with proper hygiene while camping and overall maintenance of your sleeping bag. Sleeping bag liners can also make cleaning your sleeping bag easier!