Best Wild Game Recipes

Best Wild Game Recipes

Hunting is a lifestyle full of fun and exciting adventures! It is rewarding to be able to hunt your own food and provide a meal for yourself and your family. Meat that is ā€œfield to tableā€ offers the ultimate free-range and organic meat. With its low-fat content and no additives, wild game is some of the healthiest meat you can eat. Though a challenge, many hunters enjoy processing and cooking their own meat because of the rich flavor and knowledge of where their food comes from. Whether you are cooking up big game like venison and elk steak or small game like pheasant and wild duck, we've got you covered with our favorite wild game recipes.

Smoked Summer Sausage

Nothing pairs better with a cold beverage on a hot day quite like smoked summer sausage. Smoked summer sausage is a great way to prepare your wild game to eat now or save for later.

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Marinated Elk Backstrap

Elevate your grilling experience by taking your trophy from field to table with this Elk Backstrap Recipe. Marinated with red wine, rosemary, and seasoning to give it a rich flavor. This wild game recipe is a true masterpiece!

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Marinated Venison Loin

Music to your taste budsā€¦this wild game recipe is a hit. SCHEELS Grilling Expert Shane marinates the loin with pineapple juice, soy sauce, and seasoning. People will be lining up for this venison ensemble!

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Duck JalapeƱo Poppers

This jalapeƱo poppers recipe is a great way to get rid of that wild game in your freezer before the next hunting season. These poppers will quickly become the MVP of the day! SCHEELS Grilling Expert Austin smokes jalapeƱo poppers stuffed with duck and cream cheese wrapped in crisp bacon.

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Mule Deer JalapeƱo Brats

Wild game turned into a tasty game day meal! SCHEELS Grilling Expert Austin shows how to take your harvest from field to table with the LEM Grinder and Stuffer. With 60 percent mule deer, 40 percent pork trimmings, added cheese, and jalapeƱos, this wild game recipe is 100 percent delicious.

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Brined Pheasant Legs

Prepare your pheasant harvest into a post-hunting feast. SCHEELS Grilling Expert Jeremy uses a brine to prepare the pheasant legs, smothers them in cream of chicken to give them flavor, and tops them off with the signature Traeger smoke. Every upland pheasant hunter should give this wild game recipe a shot!

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Serving up some flavor with a Venison Roast Recipe. SCHEELS Grilling Expert Jeremy takes our Wild Game series to the next level with venison marinated in garlic, Traeger Prime Rib Rub, and Johnny's Au Jus. This wild game recipe is definitely a match made in heaven!

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The perfect jerky snack for any road trip that doubles as a great story along the way. If you are just beginning to dip your toes into wild game meat processing, this is a great place to start! We are using deer roast, however, this wild game recipe can be used for other types of meat as well.

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Deer Sausage Fatty

Prepare your next venison meal with this unique wild game recipe from SCHEELS Expert Jeremy! Whether you use venison or pork sausage, stuff the inside with your favorite add-ins to complete this masterful dish.

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Many wild game recipes are rooted in tradition and the experience of the hunt. Hunting is all about comradery, connection, and taking responsibility for oneā€™s food. There is no better way to appreciate the gift of hunting than harvesting a deer with your father, brother, son, or daughter.