Scheels Service Shops

In order to keep up with your active sport life, you need to keep your gear in excellent condition. The Scheels Service Shops are equipped with the best service shop technicians in the industry with the abilities to work on a wide variety of gear. Don't let weeks or even months go by before you get back in action, the Scheels Service Shop will have your equipment working like new in only a few days. *See store locator for full selection of services. Services vary by location.

Exercise Machine Repair

Our service tech teams have the ability to work on most major manufacturers of treadmills, elliptical machines, home gyms and exercise bikes. Scheels has a large inventory of replacement parts in stock for most equipment.

Bike Purchasing

There are many places to buy a bike, but the reason to choose Scheels is simple. Our associates not only ride all year 'round, they also attend Scheels Bike University where factory instructors and engineers teach about each bike, from why a bike rides like it does to how to get the most comfort and performance out of each product. A very important part of this training includes actually getting out and riding the latest bikes in real-world conditions. When you want an expert opinion on a bike purchase, Scheels is the place to come.

Bike Tuning and Repair - Barnett-Certified Technicians

A bike is far more complicated than two wheels and a frame. In fact, an average bike has more than 1500 individual parts. Because of this, our mechanics attend a Scheels-specific, ten-day course at the renowned Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. There they receive classroom training as well as extensive hands-on, supervised instruction on bike assembly, maintenance, and repair. When you need bike service, trust Scheels Technicians to handle your bike as if it was their own.

Skate Sharpening and Repair

Several factors play a role in the dulling of a blade. Dull blades can keep you from your maximum performance, or even cause injury. Whether you just need a quick sharpening or need the entire blade replaced, Scheels provides a full service on every make and model. You also can get your skate "Profiled" to your position on the ice to perfectly match the style of skating that you do. Our Staff can present helpful tips on keeping your blades sharp and avoiding injury.

Snowboard Tuning and Repair

We can tune-up and repair almost all models of snowboards. From an edge sharpening and base wax, to major base and edge repair, Scheels has the experts and experience to get your board back to its peak performance.

Ski Tuning and Repair

Don't get caught on the slopes without first stopping in for a ski tune-up. Our certified ski technicians have the expert training to make sure your skis are safe and in the best possible riding condition. From binding adjustments, to tune-ups, to major base and edge repairs, our expert staff will get you ready for your next trip to the hill.

Paintball Canister Refills

Need more air? Scheels can fill your canister and get you back in the game. We offer CO2 and compressed air in most of our service shops, and our experts can have your tank refilled and back to you in just a couple of minutes.

Racquet Stringing

Breaking a string during a match can be frustrating, especially in competition. We can string your tennis or racquetball racquet to the tension of your liking, or we can recommend a tension based on the model of racquet or your playing style. Also our friendly associates can answer questions about gauge, tension, or when to restring your racquet. We also stock many choices of string to further enhance your racquets performance, and in most cases our expert staff can have your racquet restrung within 24 hours.

Minn Kota Repairs

Before you hit the water for your next fishing adventure, make sure your Minn Kota motor is in pristine condition, so you can focus on the big catch of the day. Our team of Authorized Service Center (ASC) experts are highly-skilled to repair in-warranty and out-of-warranty Minn Kota trolling motors, DeckHand electric anchors, and Talon shallow water anchors. Regardless of where your Minn Kota product was originally purchased, our ASC team of experts are here to help you maintain your product quality. Also, if you have an original Minn Kota product, we have many of the repair parts in stock at our ASC locations to restore your product in a timely service. You’ll have the utmost confidence, knowing each of our technicians has attended a seminar for hands-on training to guarantee industry-leading repairs, so your trolling motor lasts for many fishing adventures ahead. Find your nearest SCHEELS location to learn further details.

Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Need quality skiing and snowboarding gear to hit the slopes with confidence this season? SCHEELS has you covered with a reliable, name-brand selection of skiing and snowboarding rentals, including skis, snowboards, and protective gear. Whether you need beginner or pro gear, our team of experts can help you select top-notch rental gear for your next winter activity. With a wide variety of rental options, before you plan your next adventurous getaway on the slopes, find your nearest SCHEELS location to learn further detail and affordable pricing options for skiing and snowboarding rentals.