Ravin R10 Crossbow

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Ravin R10 Crossbow


The Ravin R10 Crossbow features a classic design ideal for both beginning and experienced hunters. This Ravin crossbow has a built-in cocking mechanism and fires arrows at speeds up to 400 FPS. Unique Ravin HeliCoil technology better balances the cams for improved downrange accuracy, while the anti-dry fire system prevents damage from accidental trigger pulls. The R10 comes fully-assembled and pre-tuned for reliable performance right out of the box. With an included illuminated scope, the Ravin R10 Crossbow delivers devastating speeds and consistent downrange accuracy to improve your next crossbow hunt.

  • Removable draw handle
  • Quiver/mounting bracket
  • 100-yard illuminated scope
  • 3 Ravin .003 arrows & field tips (400 gr. total)
  • Anti dry fire design with auto safety
  • Fully-assembled and pre-tuned
  • Delivers speeds up to 400 FPS
  • Built-in cocking mechanism
  • Integral sling mounts
  • 6-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked
  • HeliCoil technology increases downrange accuracy
  • Width Axle-to-Axle: 10.5 in. (uncocked), 6 in. (cocked)
  • Arrow Velocity: 400 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: 142 FP
  • Draw Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Power-Stroke: 11 in.
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.
  • Length: 33 in.
  • Model #: R014

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