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Hearing Protection for the Shooting Range

Protect your ears and your hearing at the range with shooting ear protection from SCHEELS. We offer a variety of hearing protection including shooting ear muffs, ear plugs, and more to keep you safe from the loud sounds at the gun range. With top brands like Walker’s, Decibullz, and more, you’ll find the best hearing protection to suit your needs. Find electronic hearing protection, shooting ear plugs, and a variety of other ear protection.

Whether you want ear protection for the shooting range, your industrial job, or other loud areas, we have hearing protection to keep you safe. To block out loud noise, shop our selection of shooting ear plugs made of soft, comfortable materials. If you prefer electronic ear muffs, check out our selection of Walker’s muffs and other electronic hearing protection. Electronic ear muffs block out noise while allowing you to quickly turn on a microphone so you can hear when needed. Whether you’re at the shooting range or need hearing protection for another loud environment, find the best ear protection at SCHEELS.