13 Fishing

13 Fishing Jabber Blade

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13 Fishing Jabber Blade


Noisy like its open-water cousin, the Jabber Blade has turned the volume up like a teenager blasting tunes in the basement. Equipped with a tenacious vibrating blade and tuned with cross-camber resting position, this bait brawls its way up, and drifts its way down gaining distance and aiding in calling in species further outside the cone. Sticky sharp VMC Treble hook and a precision paint finish top of this tantalizing temptation. Unmute your ice fishing presentation with a lure that will serve up the rowdy ruckus and frosted grins.
Size Weight Depth Hooks
22mm 1/16oz Sinking #14
27mm 1/8oz Sinking #12
35mm 1/4oz Sinking #10


  • Premium VMC Hook
  • HD Details
  • Premium UV
  • Premium Paint and Holographic Finishes
  • Jabber Blade For Unique Sound and Action

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