AlphaCool PVA Instant Cooling Towel (2-Pack)

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AlphaCool PVA Instant Cooling Towel (2-Pack)


The Alpha Cool Instant Cooling towel is made from advanced PVA material that provides cooling relief on contact. This great cooling towel will help keep you comfortable and safe during outdoor summer activities, working outdoors, or at the beach. You can even use the Alpha Cool Towel around the house or in the car to provide that extra cooling relief. This extraordinary cooling towel becomes cooler than ambient air when wet so it will always maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. To activate and re-activate, simply wet the towel and wrap around your head or neck. In extreme heat, keep the AlphaCool Towel extra wet for optimal cooling.


  • Lightweight and Low-Profile: Unlike traditional cooling products that use acrylic polymers, the PVA material eliminates the bulk.
  • No Residue: Forget the slimy feel that can come with traditional cooling solutions, the PVA material turn into a gooey mess.
  • Advanced PVA material holds water without feeling heavy
  • Activates Quickly Easily: Simply soak in water and within minutes you can enjoy coolness for hours. Perfect to have on-hand if a worker displays symptoms of heat stress.
  • Super-Evaporative feels significantly cooler than ambient air
  • Minimal Maintenence: Reusable, simply re-soak and you are good to go! Machine washable for ultimate convenience.
  • Simply re-wet the towel to reactivate
  • Deal Heat Stress Solution: These products aid in keeping core body temperatures in check, resulting in more comfortable and safe working conditions in high heat environments.
  • Reduces the effect of heat stress and fights fatigue
  • Warning: If you have a known allergy to PVA or latex consult a physician before using this or any similar product. If skin irritations occur discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.
  • PVA Cooling Towel: A hyper-evaporative material that is the latest in cooling innovation, this Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide sweet cooling relief on those sweltering days. Flat earth society approved.


  • Super-Evaporative: This neck cooling towel gets easily activated to feel significantly cooler than the ambient air when wet, giving a cooler touch to your skin.
  • Easy to Use: Simply soak in water for 1 minute, and then wring out excess water. Snap the cold towel a few times and wrap around your neck or head to enjoy the coolness for hours. To reactivate the cooling effect, simply repeat the steps.
  • Simple Maintenence: Measuring 29.5 inches long and 13 inches wide, this lightweight cold snap towel is reusable and machine washable for a hassle-free upkeep.
  • Extra Cooling Relief: Made from advanced PVA material, the cooling towel for neck and face provides cooling relief on contact and reduces the effect of heat stress while remaining dry to touch even in hot and humid outdoor conditions.

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