Clam Maki Plastics Mino

Item No. 19921-9814
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Product Description

The problem with almost all small plastics is they don’t look alive down there. Stiff plastics are worthless unless fish have a death wish. But, wow, when you see the tiny Mino from Maki you will be sold. (And so will the fish.) The Mino is hand poured, incredibly soft and balanced perfectly so the tail never rests even when you hold the jig still. It pulses and flows in the water like the real thing, even though it’s small and matches up perfectly with Drop jigs, Blade Spoons, Blade Jigs, Bomb Spoons, or whatever you attach it to. If you’ve wanted a minnow-shaped plastic in a mini size, the Mino is yours.
  • Super-soft hand pour baits
  • Perfect 1" panfish size mino imitation for tungsten drop jigs
  • Tip your favorite panfish spoon
  • Tail has incredible action that can't stop moving
  • Thread on rigging it split tail flat or rig it split tail vertical
  • T-bone or wacky rig for dying minnow effect
  • Natural minnow-like colors and pink glow
  • Size: 1"

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