Northwest Metro Sundrop Tungsten Jig

Item No. 640616-SD
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Our Sundrop Tungsten Jigs are made with luminous materials which absorb and store light energy from direct sunlight or an artificial light source. Then emit a brilliant glow. This bright glow attracts fish and sends them into a ‘feeding frenzy’. Tungsten jigs are sharper, drop faster and last longer. Available in brilliant colors that attract fish day or night–even in stained or muddy water. The Neon Lites UV jigs ‘flash’ even in dark or murky waters. UV jigs attract fish and sends them into a ‘feeding frenzy’. For BEST results, use camera flash or LED to excite the jig, then tip with your favorite live or artificial bait.
  • Size 1/40oz #14 Hook
  • Size 1/24oz #12 Hook
  • Size 1/16oz #10 Hook
  • Size 1/10oz #8 Hook
  • 1 per pack

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